Peter Bamastrim to treat high cholesterol

You can now through the website the idea of Manual Medicine learn all about publishing medication tablets primary Bamastrim, the bare tablets are used to treat high blood cholesterol and Prevention of strokes and heart disease.

So, because I have material reuse which works to reduce the production of cholesterol in the liver by reducing the production of cholesterol by inhibiting an enzyme in the liver responsible for its production.


Reasons to use tablets primary

  • Used in the treatment of high cholesterol in the blood.
  • Used in the treatment of heart disease.
  • Used in the treatment of thrombosis of the heart and prevent it.
  • Used in the treatment of stroke.

Proper dosage for tablets primary

  • You should consult your physician to know the appropriate dosage for the patient’s condition.
  • Bear the allowed dose of medication primary rate ranges between tablet to two tablets per day.
  • In case you forget the dose is taken immediately remember it.
  • Preferably during swallowing disk drink large amount of water.
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Side effects of a drug Peter

  • May lead to feeling sick and wanting in vomiting and headaches.
  • May lead to feeling some pain and unrest in the stomach.
  • May lead to feeling disorder in the digestive tract and a sense of constipation and change of color of urine to a bold color.
  • May lead to infection and pain in the joints pain in the muscles
    Yellowing of the skin and the incidence of allergies of light.
  • May lead to malaise, fatigue, loss of appetite and a feeling of confusion and loss of focus.

Sites to use and the necessary precautions for reasons of moving

  • Taking medication before the patient should process the tests and analysis necessary to make sure his condition before taking the medicine.
  • Should the patient take the drug after consulting a physician.
  • After the start of treatment must be the patient of tests regularly to ensure the response to treatment.
  • If you don’t the patient to feel better shortly after he began the medication you should see a doctor for his condition.
  • Make sure the lack of sensitivity of the patient from any component of the medication.
  • Do not use in children or the elderly only after approval by the competent doctor.
  • Gives eat for people who suffer from a muscle.
  • Gives eat for people who suffer failure in the thyroid gland.
  • Prevents the need, or the nursing intake.
  • Strictly prohibited alcohol intake during the treatment period.
  • Don’t eat to prevent health problems in the kidney or liver.
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Way to save the pills Peter

Store the medicine at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C
Keep out of the reach of children.

The price of the pills Peter

Primary are available in pharmacies, the packaging containing the pills concentration 10 mg price of the package is 31 pounds.

The site Idea is entirely responsible for eating does refer directly to the doctor or pharmacist.

In case of any query or question about the medication, please add a comment from below the article through the website idea and we will reply in the nearest time.

أقراص بيماستريم Bamastrim لعلاج ارتفاع الكوليسترول

Tablets primary Bamastrim to treat high cholesterol

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