Paralysis Earp what is and what its symptoms and causes and ways to cure it.

Feed plexus nerve brachial the upper end of the body and consists of a group of nerves that come out of the spinal cord in the neck area, and covers each group of muscles and is also responsible for the transfer of sensation in specific areas of the arm, what happens if you get infected by when you will show us the symptoms of what is known as paralysis Earp, what is the paralysis of Earp and what are its symptoms.

Paralysis of the Earp.

Paralysis Earp (Erb’s Palsy) is a paralysis caused by injury to the upper part of the plexus nerve and the brachial especially the nerve roots corresponding to the neck vertebrae, the fifth and sixth, and allowed that the ratio of Doctor William Earp, where he was the first to describe the symptoms of this paralysis.

Often happens in cases of obstructed labour, depending on the position of the fetus at birth and the way in which it was made, and that the access lift on the neck area resulting in an increase in the angle between the head and the baby’s arm which multiplies the intensity on plexus nerve brachial, leading to being infected.

Risk factors

There are several factors that may increase the incidence of this disease and these factors:

  • Use the suction mode in the state.
  • Births with weights high.
  • Maternal short stature.
  • Mothers who increased their weight substantially during pregnancy.
  • The position of states such as the descent of the child in the ass.
  • The elongation time of the second phase of the state and its.
  • Birth injuries and the strong arms of the child.

Types of paralysis Earp.

Choose the type of nerve injury vary according to the impact of the injury on the nerve itself and by following:

  1. Concussion nerve: A does not happen any rupture of the eye, and the symptoms are less severe and gets better with the passage of time (about three months), and may affect the kind of adults, when playing football or falling like.
  2. Swelling of the nerve: A gets cut some of the nerve fibers, which are scar later lead to put pressure on the rest of the nerve fibers proper updated damage him, and mostly recover but need more time and may lead to some permanent damage.
  3. Rupture of the nerveis torn nerve in full as a result of the tension, and such damage does not recover except through a process of tinkering to work.
  4. Suggested the nervous system: where is the proposed site of the nerve from its origin in the spinal cord, and this type species most damaging.


Recognize the symptoms of paralysis of the Earp on the extent and level of injury, ranging from a glitch in the sensation accompanied by weakness or partial inability to move the shoulder to a complete paralysis in the arm in the case was the injury to all the nerves, and in this case paralyzed full lower nerve of the brachial (Global Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy).

Treatment of paralysis of the Earp.

Despite the fact that a large proportion of the cases turn on their own without the need for treatment, except that recourse for treatment in cases of injuries most affected, and the methods of treatment include the following:

  • Non-surgical treatment

This option is option provided in the type i and II this option includes:

  1. Physical therapy and massages the right way help treat the condition.
  2. The injection of BOTOX.
  3. Electrical therapy: works to send nerve signals to the muscles of the arm, which helps positively in the improvement of the nerve, with a note that if he did not succeed during the two months it stops moving for surgical treatment.
  • Surgical treatment

Resort to surgery in case of failure of the previous methods, and in the case of the full cutting action or conviction, and the growing opportunity to talk whenever the child’s age is small (less than six months), where they are connected to nerve harvested by micro-surgery, and the shoulder joint to facilitate movement.

In both cases it requires a periodic review of a doctor competent to ascertain the level of control and effectiveness of treatment.


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