Ophthalmic migraine … decline or a temporary loss of vision but it may not be associated with pain head

All you need to know about migraine ocular

Vision loss or the presence of points supported, or spot a sparkling last for a few minutes and print them this may seem very scary, but it’s an ophthalmic migraine

The points of belief or loss of vision entirely or spot a sparkling or look blurry blurry lasts a few minutes and you can be accompanied with pain in the head, made up these symptoms in order is not predictable, it’s a migraine kind which must be dealt with.

What is ophthalmic migraine is? What are the symptoms that accompany it? What about the reasons and the catalysts for? How is it diagnosed? What you do to treat it and deal with it?

Ophthalmic migraine

الصداع النصفي العيني

Headaches half in kind is a rare type of migraine which affects two out of every 200 people suffers from migraine headaches, this type is associated with the presence of double vision or blurred vision or partial or complete loss of is not in the eye alone, can vision problems this in a fit of headache duration ranging between 6 – 10 minutes and then back vision gradually to its natural state.

Migraine headaches normal can be accompanied by symptoms such as: pain head and severe – nausea – sensitivity to the direction of the lights and sounds, as for migraines the in-kind could be accompanied with those symptoms and a headache begins with or after a bout with the decline of vision (when not accompanied with pain is called ophthalmic migraine, silent or hidden), and is generally not considered a serious disease and does not leave any negative effects on your brain or your eyes, but can have an impact on the quality and style of a person’s life and specifically during the attack.

Choose vision problems from person to person, it could be a vision or blurry vision with black dots or with a spot light or stars can be up to a loss of vision in full during the shift.

Most people know migraines are normal, but for migraine ocular is less months and occurs because of the condition of the swelling and narrowing of the blood vessels nourishing to the optic nerve in the back section of the eye talk visual distortions and vision problems.

In case this was the first time that migraine in-kind can be a cause of concern for you, because vision problems sudden is of the signs that accompany stroke and diseases of carotid artery.

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The difference between rift migraine ocular migraine network

Are usually confused each of migraine ocular migraine network however, there are differences between each term:

In migraine retinal disorders occur vision in one eye only (in case you closed your eyes and looked to the other you will notice the presence of the disorder, but it is not present in the second eye or it can be a very few) because the disorder of vision that results from the eye itself, while in ophthalmic migraine generally feel the disturbance in the one eye but when you close your eyes and with the other, and avoid this on the eyes will having the same wave because it is caused by the brain, not the eye itself.

In general visual problems this reversible no return the vision to its natural state after a few minutes of the attack but can sometimes be permanent or semi-permanent in the migraine website.

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Symptoms of ophthalmic migraine


The symptoms of ophthalmic migraine-like migraine symptoms ordinary except they include mainly changes in the nature of vision and a temporary decline in visits after the bout of headache, the most important of these symptoms:

1. loss of sight

Some people during a migraine attack network from loss in vision in most often be temporary and lasts for a period ranging between 10 – 20 minutes and even hours in rare cases, sometimes this loss gradually during an attack, i.e., it starts in black spots certified called scotomas, is growing and expanding until it happens loss of vision and then returning vision to normal after that.

2 – dip in sight

For some people no blackouts or complete loss of vision even flinch or become confused can be observed designers clouds, or spot a sparkling and this case with the (scintillation), and from 20 minutes to a full hour and then return vision to normal after that.

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3 – headache

For migraine in-kind silent it is accompanied with a headache, but in most cases, the headache occurs after exposure to disorders of vision, or in conjunction with, can be headache lasts from few hours to few days, and that the patient is suffering also from the symptoms that accompany migraines normal such as: nausea, vomiting, tiredness and fatigue….

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Causes migraines visual

أسباب الصداع النصفي البصري

Scientists believe that the headaches ocular occurs due to the presence of swelling and narrowing of the and in vessels of the optic nerve, lowering the rate of the normal flow of blood appears vision problems, but its back to its natural state when visiting this distortion and restores the normal flow of blood, either for the reason that leads to it is even now not entirely clear but the following factors can act to stimulate infection.

  • There is a close connection between genetic factors and migraine ocular rises the probability of injury to it in case one of your parents or both or one of the relatives of the first degree suffering from it.
  • The hormone estrogen play a role in headache-kind because it is the hormone that controls the chemicals and the process in the brain which causes the feeling of pain, and hormone levels change in women (due to menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause…), this explains the high percentage of headaches in women.
  • Traffic situations of stress and pressure or exposure to a lot of problems or face a shock.
  • Anaphylactic reaction the direction of the type or component in the food.
  • Caffeine addiction and excessive eating , and then refrain from them (i.e., ophthalmic migraine can be a symptom of caffeine withdrawal).
  • The sensitivity direction of the bright lights and or the direction of sounds, and in a noisy environment filled with pollution, noise.
  • Disturbances in sleep and not getting enough of it, or change the sleep pattern you have sudden.
  • Drugs that affect the blood vessels and the swelling and narrowing of the.
  • It can be a form of headache reflex (rebound headaches) which occurs when excessive intake of pain relievers.
  • Lack of malnutrition, or an unhealthy diet rich in fatty food poor with vitamins and proteins.
  • Dehydration and not drinking enough water, or rely on unhealthy liquids from soda and juices made…

First and most important step for the treatment of migraine ocular is to identify the causative agent and deal with him.

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Who are the people most susceptible to migraine ocular is?

من هم الأشخاص الأكثر عرضة للإصابة

Think this disorder is fairly rare and only 1% of migraine patients suffer but everyone and of any age are susceptible to headaches, kind but tends to be more a communist for:

  • Persons under the age of 40 years.
  • Rise the probability of infection for women up 18.2% while it is 6.5% for males.
  • As it spreads more when the white people after the black and then followed by the Asians.
  • 29% of people who develop a headache kind they already have a history with migraines.
  • 50% of Egyptians have relatives of the first class to suffer from this headache or migraine.
  • Rise the probability of infection for people who suffer from diseases of the have an effect on the blood vessels and the eyes, the most important are: a screwdriver of the blood sickle cell disease – epilepsy – lupus – atherosclerosis – arteritis giant – inflammation of the vessels of the DOT found in the skin of the scalp.

Note: could this headache starts from the age of 7 years but most cases begin at twenty years of age and up to a maximum at the age of 40

The diagnosis of headache ocular migraine


So far there is no specific test for the diagnosis of headache ocular migraine or migraine HTTPS, but in case you have been seen by a doctor during a traffic quality of a headache will use an ophthalmoscope to check the blood flow and efficient access to the eye but usually not done because the shift is very short and can not predict the time of occurrence.

In return, the doctor depends on symptoms and the pattern of its appearance and its, and review the family history is usually a diagnosis of exclusion i.e., to verify the absence of diseases and other health conditions have the effect of and similar symptoms.

Treatment of ophthalmic migraine and deal with it

علاج الصداع النصفي العيني والتعامل معه

  • Treatment depends primarily on the identification of the factor that stimulates the infection and deal with it and stop behaviors that lead to a migraine headache.
  • The doctor can prescribe some drugs that are used to ease the pain of ophthalmic migraine most important: aspirin – ibuprofen – anti-inflammatory non-steroid – medication the treatment of high blood pressure.
  • In addition to drugs that deal with symptoms that can be password: the counter medications for nausea and vomiting – medicines rotor…
  • The doctor can prescribe the also: beta-blockers to ensure the relaxation of blood vessels and the A – calcium channel blockers to prevent the narrowing of blood vessels – anti-depressants to deal with the migraine – anti select need.
  • Discuss hormonal disorder with your doctor you to prescribe medications that help to regulate it.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Cleaning hours sleep and getting enough and comfortable to him, and deal with the problems that affect them negatively and most important: insomnia – depression – snoring syndrome or sleep apnea…
  • Eating a sufficient amount of water (about 2 liters a day) spread throughout the day.
  • Exercise because it promotes blood flow and brain cells and nerves to grow.
  • Adopting a healthy diet rich in nutrients that the body needs of vitamins and minerals, fiber and proteins and unhealthy fats.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety, which pass by a person and overcome this through: 17 a way to recharge yourself with positive energy
  • Avoid all foods that can cause you allergies and make sure components everything you eat.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine that is ingested and replace them with apples or water…

In the end it must be noted the importance of reviewing a doctor and undergo medical examinations despite the fact that ophthalmic migraine is not a grave problem but it can have a negative impact on the quality of life of a person especially if his work needs of them to install and very accurate.


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