Once a child starts talking

متى يبدأ طفلي بالكلام

متى يبدأ طفلي بالكلام

Learn to speak and talk need a long time to say where the child to recognize words and the method of control and outcome language, you know in this article to answer a question when the child starts talking and staff on how to help him on the floor.

When my kid begins to speak?

Child learns to speak during the first two years of his life, where he by that word, and he his first, it spends a long time in learning grammar and vocabulary and also learn how adults use this language to communicate, and begins using his tongue and lips in making certain sounds such as “Ah” In the first two months of age, some children learn the word (Baba) or (mama) at 6 months of age, at the age of years respond to some of the children to some commands such as (Please, put this aside)And, at the age of 18 months the child can pronounce some simple words and can point to people and purposes, parts of his body when you ask it.

How do I help my child to talk?

You know the dog needs to a long time, nor can the composition of a sentence consisting of two words or 3 words only when he reaches the age of two, but can follow these tips to help the child on the floor:

Talk to the child

From birth to the age of 6 months, you carry the child near you and to him, as his children to talk to them well and so increase the immunity language has.


You can sing to the baby constantly to help him learn the rhythm of the sounds, words and language.

Read comic books

Read picture books and describe all the images contain helps the child to learn a lot of stuff around it, and also to recognize the animals and their sounds through it.

Repeat the words

You can repeat certain words in several sentences until we have the baby and added to the proceeds of his language.

Give the child simple instructions

Give the child some simple instructions and short (e.g. close the door) it helps the child to understand these instructions over time.

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Game questions

The game includes questions to ask your child to refers to the purpose for which you ask, such as (Where is your nose) or (where’s your father), so help this game to the around him of the purposes of the people and also help to the development of the schools and Park on the floor.

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What are the causes of delayed child about college?

Can because of delayed speech in children to several reasons and factors, including the following:

Physical disabilities

Cause some problems in the mouth or tongue or the roof of the milk such as the case of tongue tie in delayed speech when the child.

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Hearing impairment

Can cause hearing impairment in delayed speech, so you must show the child to the doctor to check the sense of hearing has to ascertain if they are the main cause of delayed speech when the child.

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A problem in the

These include the need to be a problem in areas of the brain responsible for speech, leading to a difficulty in the use of the child’s tongue, lips and palate in the challenge, can also suffer these children to share in the feeding and eating also.

In the end, dear readers, after you know the answer to your question when the child starts talking and out on how to help a child in college, please consult with your doctor when you notice any strange symptoms on the child, with my best wishes for full health and wellness.

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