Of Islam, Iran and Coro form of communication social?

You can be that the qualities of social networking as it was before the pandemic market-Cov or that life as we stir it good?
This question has been posed in an article being “TIME” are in May last, during his show a number of views on this topic.

Beginning with D.Mark Sklansky, the soul is the child one wants the University of California has long opposed exegesis of the Quran sources of aid did not include the risk of the transfer of the multitude of greater and diseases, in addition to that there are truly, some of the patients do not even shake hands for reasons of cultural or religious ones, but they were often sources of certain traits will outstretched to them, for years long have been sources of said part in building of a relationship with a doctor online has Challenge be answered in about 83 % of the time as I explained the more than one hundred interview flower.

For years, heart not in Doctor Science share this opinion for fear of criticism, so he and several of his colleagues in the 2014 study about the risks of the handshake and its role in the transmission of the tradition of the greater movies of can reduce this if you stop the service provider is guided by the interests of their patients. Opinion adopted upon the multitude of doctors who have found that the handshake is a key pillar to earn the trust of the marriage relationship are saying to him, so that the other subject of this opinion are, but not according to the situation comedian now.

With the beginning of the pandemic market Corona and the rules of the refrigerant of the social and the need to maintain a distance of the at least of The anyone choose the handshake came to liberate the heart from the forms of contact, social as The such as. One other that maybe lasts Permanently in the future, even after the end of the pandemic, as stated by D.Anthony Fauci head of the National Institute of diseases of sensitivity and diseases are was united in April last that we are not necessary to shake hands again in the future.

But the ruling of the question, if we exchange the meaning of the usual trading between individuals?

And fully backs Lebanese national resolve that isolate us?

Although many of Sittin investment that we will in the coming period many awkward situations between members of Iran communication company usual people knowing fearful immobiliser in any way.

Are procedures external, internal of the Foreign Ministry of the people thing some like? Of going to be the form of relations between people in general?

Explain researcher at the University of Linkoping become, the Julia spirit, that the physical contact between strangers is not primarily the purposes of the core; and we find that this rate like the immobiliser is the biggest for her peers, as if to do so is gaining the trust of each other than look also at the meanings, the proportion of violence, the followers, and this is confirmed by also the FOR of university the, and that if you bring the between glass panels has in each of seeing and hearing the other without touching it, then you remove the need glass, often Foreign, all of them kill the other!

Confirm for it over the course of her work she saw of decreased level of physical contact between people in the community are over the years among Muslims, especially after the movement of the ‘ME TOO’ deployment air phones some. Which paid is the number of its students to observe the behavior of individuals in the departure lounge at the airport. Although the timing for seeing people into the windows, but instead of this type every individual to follow his phone. Hopes for that
Relationship immobiliser social and hugs among families, at least not demonstrated by the research of Islam in meanings, psychological stress skin links are from the Quran and the secretion of the hormone acts, or the hormone of love as a divine being.

Can consider the handshake came from the more media the physical common in the society are other groups, were that the public has started since many centuries Chris to reassure others and win their confidence that the individual is not carrying a weapon. Also studies have shown Department of Science Research Ethics at the University of link that we can offer any changes occur in the brain when the handshake came, which means the reward centers of the brain, even if it’s just seeing people tradition then.

Perhaps the supreme achievements of individuals in the coming years for expansion of the means of faith does not include the immobiliser care to host their “Namaste” or eyes into the head with put his hand over the heart, and other physical contact only to persons who are close to the bodies. One that is generally on the background cultural and religious maniacs and beliefs beliefs of each individual, in the law of the country probably won’t get one for the same episode.

Back again born.Science, exhibits strongly the interests of the aid, which the price in the 2017 experience in one of the absolute Los Angeles published The preventing a handshake based or any other forms of physical contact between the service provider-the health of some patients. Page opinion, found that about one-third of service providers-the health, the majority of doctors are male, the THE of that leader. In the example across the most patients the for the satisfaction expressed, and that the top of the list of patients, they found that the availability of a doctor basis is important with them with in their presence, or use their names or ask about their situation, the most important to create a relationship are the best.

In humans were due to many suffering and Exploited of the difficulty of communicating with someone the time you by the, OR on the screen says “zoom”. But that might be an opportunity to continue to some better and we gain the forms of cooperation the self. Place easy to win on the shoulder of someone to see or treat him instead of trying to finding the right words to comfort him, but it’s time we change our language to describe what we feel using the words audible. One of the experts that we have, but to be better people and more able to communicate, but the ruling of the forehead, unfortunately, were both easily the sound and mute his feelings.

A translator adapted from an article

The Coronavirus Killed the Handshake and the Hug. What Will Replace Them?

The translation and re-drafting d.Rudin Group
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