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Nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is also known, dates back to use in the field of Anesthesia Medical since the eighteenth century, given that it enjoys the attributes of the unique.

But with the spread of the effect of nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide, there are severe warnings about it, as well as to prevent its use in Egypt since the year of 2018, if you want to learn more follow the article.

What is the medication nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

Medicine nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide and its chemical N2O, the treatment of anesthesia used in the surgical or anesthesia of the tooth, as is used in the processes of Birth By Injection.

Don’t need laughing gas to any proportion of oxygen in its composition, the gas is non-flammable and non-color and it smells very light cause recovery only.

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

The scientific name of the drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide

Displays the gas nitrous oxide as the Nitrous oxide or Laughing Gas or Dinitrogen oxide, referred to as any chemical with N2O.

The composition of the drug

Is gas nitrous oxide N2O mix mixed half nitrous oxide and half oxygen, O2, its composition combines nitrous oxide and the first oxide binary nitrogen, in addition to oxygen at high pressure.

Gas nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is produced through the dissolution of the oxide of ammonium molten at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, and then accompanied by water vapor.

Apply gas when Fusion, disassembly, heating of the oxide of ammonium, in order to ensure the speed of bending the die to add a catalyst, the gas resulting from the dissolution of the oxide of ammonium are greeted with a vapor of the oxide of ammonium is dissolved NOx other ammonia and water vapor on the file of the intensification of reduction of the temperature of the hot gases.

The use of nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide

Since the discovery of gas at the hands of the world “Bristol” at the end of the 18th century, it is used in helping the patient to enter a state of total relaxation during the procedure, and began to form his medical as an injection, and then fumes.

And feel free to use the gas as follows:

  • Surgeries
  • Dentists use it in the treatment of periodontitis and anesthesia during surgery in the mouth
  • Used in agricultural fertilizers.
  • Used in motor racing “of months of its uses around the world”, because it delays the opportunities for ignition
  • Either in the tubes of the submarine millions
  • Used with some of the ladies before the birth process, reduce the sensation of pain.
  • Sometimes used to improve mood

As the gas is used in some concerts is the old, to get into a trance of happiness and light and cheerful, as well as his ability in muscle relaxation and comfortable feeling.

What are the shapes pharmaceutical drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

The gas is in the form of two date two:

  • The vent “ventilator”
  • Injection

But the shape of this gas is no longer used in Egypt, due to the use of gas permanently from the hospitals, because of serious side effects multiple.

What are the contraindications of the use of the drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

Despite the fact that the gas is safe, but recommended by many doctors to take caution of some of the people, as they stress caution on those persons not inhaled completely and they are:

  • Pregnant ladies especially in the first months of pregnancy
  • Sources sinus infections or allergic diseases of the chest
  • With common cold severe
  • The elderly is recommended after the use of their gas nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide
  • The ladies followed the breastfeeding, warns against the use of their gas
  • Children prefer to keep them away from sources of gas, although no studies confirm this, but always what the doctors recommend so.

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

What are the side effects of the drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

Because the speed of the gas nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide in the interaction and effect on the user quick, cause medication some of the effects, symptoms and unwanted side including:

  • Blurred vision and confusion constant
  • The feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness, especially when getting up from sleep.
  • Some cases of fainting
  • Severe sweating with some cases
  • Fatigue and weakness and fatigue
  • Blue in the body and the lips in particular
  • Chest discomfort and malaise in the development
  • Multiple problems in the development

There are some side effects to the body of excess gas include:

  • Dark urine
  • Fever severe chills
  • Constant headaches
  • Pallor of the skin
  • High heart rate
  • Blue nails, skin, lips
  • Throat infections
  • Bleeding is not normal
  • Infection bruising in the body without knowing why.
  • Dry throat
  • The effect on the motion
  • The death of brain cells in particular are responsible for learning and memory
  • Cause dementia
  • Hearing loss
  • Suffocation leading to death

All of these and side sometimes don’t realize the patient as being due to inhalation of the gas, therefore, needs medical attention quick and in some severe cases, but in the minor symptoms may disappear after a little time of their appearance.

What are the precautions to the use of the drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

Before using this form of pharmacotherapy, we have to see the precautions for use and proper dosing and continuous communication with the doctor to prevent any negative developments as a result of use.

It is necessary precautions when using gas as follows:

  • Necessary examination of blood and urine to verify the unwanted effects on the body of the drug.
  • Monitor children in the event of the need to use gas, and to follow oxygen levels.
  • Of the serious problems caused by this medication, is a condition called methemoglobin blood, and although it is rare, but it is especially dangerous to children.
  • Prevents the use of the drug on your own in any of its forms without consulting a competent doctor.

How to use the medicine nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide

Using gas pressure through the gas delivery to the brain via inhalation for 20 seconds, and sends signals to the body to begin its effects of the truce and the difficulty of movement and analgesia, usually take these signals and the response of the brain about 3 minutes, so it is favored by many anesthesiologists around the world for faster effect to the patients.

There is no medication to numb or another gas inhalation says this, as does the nitrous oxide gas Nitrous oxide in a short time, added possibility to turn off the doctor drugs easily, because it ends after about 3-5 minutes of pulling the tube of the inhaler of the body.

What are the drug interactions drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide is?

Overlap the drug with a lot of other medical treatments, so it is advisable not to use certain medicines during the period of use of gas, among the most famous medications that prevent their use:

  • Cannabis
  • Ketamine
  • Salvia

Added to that, tobacco use and alcohol during the use of gas, cause interactions with medication, so you should discuss it with your doctor before embarking on using it.

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

أكسيد النيتروز Nitrous oxide

What is the dose of drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide for children and adults?

Allowed dose of gas for adults only, determined by the doctor depending on the health of the patient, in addition to the necessity of mixing it with oxygen, to avoid health problems caused by gas.

The dose of drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide for children

Prevents the use of laughing gas for kids, because of the raised by the and symptoms of multiple university.

The dose of drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide for adults

Recommended wholesale for adults up to 21% to avoid the problems of side effects of the drug.

The dose of drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide to

Prevents the use of N2O for pregnant women especially in the first months of pregnancy, because raised by the University which may reach the distortions embryos or her death.

Trade names drug nitrous oxide Nitrous oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Why is it called Laughing Gas this name?

Displays the gas name of laughing gas, for its ability to the high state of activity and happiness when some people once inhaled the gas, as well as it causes cases of hysteria the light sometimes, and helps spread the joy, as it is colorless and does not smell simple smell like milk.

In the end have to know all the details of the nitrous oxide gas Nitrous oxide and its uses, for more details connect with your doctor directly and do not use gas on your own to maintain your health.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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