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Nightmares or dreams of love are a common occurrence in children …in children and adults but its more common for kids in addition to the “degree of terror” that occur when children will be considerably greater than in children .

From 30 to 50% of the children happens to them dreams alarming that almost half of all children and beginning at the age of 3 years to 6 years does not mean that the disappearance of the nightmares in different ages but is less common a little bit ..

Nightmares or dreams, alarming, scary differ from night terrors , which we’ve already talked about in a previous article in several things the first being that the child will wake up from sleep terrified, remembering all or most of the details of the dream, which mostly happens in the second half of sleep, i.e., after the child sleeps the sleep period is sufficient because the nightmares are “dreams” and dreams occur in sleep stage need REM sleep which goes on year in the second half of sleep.

Human Sleep normal is a cycle repeated over the course of sleep, sleep cycle, and then followed by a new cycle, and each cycle of the sleep cycles is divided on two phases

First flight non-movement sleep (called sleep phase gas once) Non REM Sleep .
Second; the phase of the eye movement (the stage of sleep the Dreamer) REM Sleep
Thus, with the onset of sleep start sleep cycle repeated from the stage of sleeping gas as soon as you receive a phase of sleep of the Dreamer thus has ended the first session … then what? Then start a new session with the same arrangement the bedroom is once followed by sleep once .

◆In the stage of sleeping gas as soon as; the machine war and the muscles are still working, while the dream of the human, mostly the dream it doesn’t remember his dream .

◆The stage of sleep of the dreamer; the intervention of the muscles and the motor system in a state similar to paralysis and stop … while this stage is rich in dreams, that’s mostly what’s in the image remembers her human and wants her after he wakes up.

To distinguish between nightmares and night

Night terrorsNightmares
The child is talking and perhaps walking without its shows areaChild
He wakes up freaked out.
Occur in the first half of sleep .Staring at the half last sleep.
Suffer the child back to his bed.
AndI don’t remember anything because he was asleep.
Baby little throat
And event full
Occur during sleep gas once Nan_REmsleep .Occur during the sleep the Dreamer REMsleep

The reasons of occurrence of nightmares.

Dreams are alarming especially when the kids is normal and does not mean any sign of disease of The …occur most children and the possibility when the child or (child) the Queen of a fictional high … whenever your child is able to give, the more the possibility of nightmares.

Nightmares private dreams and public regarding concerns and fears of the human even though it appeared in the form of symbolic or indirectly to express his fear, which is an image expressing the thought processes and emotions with his mind .

Some of the shapes repeated in children

  • Natural hazards (such as dogs/black/weary legs/spiders)
  • Fears such as( ghosts/goblins/zombies)…unfortunately the kids now know the term “zombie” .
  • Things the viewer and disturbing the child; king to a new school or the occurrence of significant differences between the father or the mother or the child suffered some form of harm .
  • You know the child will undergo major shocks or events terrifying and may result in injury to the child the quality of the anxiety or anguish of Post-Traumatic, which probably the attendant nightmares of the night .

How can I help my baby is???

When a child wakes up scared ….The most important time is the check in and security; hugged him with kisses caring with reassuring words will have a charming effect …and not get tired even after waking up the child would be scenes that he saw in his dream, shocking is still stuck in front of him …so don’t you fidget so .

And in the company of your child that this happens to so many people and it holds no real danger but it imagine, and it is in the nights other will have sweet dreams .

Let those your child tells the story of his dream if he wanted to ….But he preferred the silence ping you reassurance and”normalization”….Tell him that’s normal .

Have your child movies, shocking stories, shocking news, shocking, programmes and alarming ….Many families take turns to talk about the news of the murder or kidnapping or other while there are kids in the vicinity of the sky……. Avoid it .

Then overestimated in reassurance or sleep alongside your baby (this confirms that it’s dangerous and confusing to your child ) what to do terrifies him. nor the ….

When should I consult a doctor????? a

Remember that Nightmares is normal.… out of their nature and need specialist help when the repeat occurs that many than become affect on the number of hours of sleep your child,

Or when there are other indications for carbon post-traumatic PTSD, such as constant fear or dread of loud sounds or to avoid the places of trauma, as well as when you’ve lost someone dear to the child or when exposed to trauma is large.
Not that you as a father or as a mother on treatment of your child’s first and you’re a source of security and reassurance ….Give it to your child wisely and firming confidence .
God bless you in your children….

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