Night terrors in children

Imagine that you suddenly saw your child s bedroom and sat on his bed screaming, and then he strolled in the House … this product may be plain, but if it does all that andhe’s asleep and try to deal with them confirm to you that he is asleep even if his eyes are open … oh, how terrifying … and increases the horror of it the next morning, you find no mention ( in case you didn’t awake ) … don’t worry that night terrors that happens to children, especially girls he is more in girls than boys.

Night terrors is one of the forms of disorders that occur in children’s bedrooms they differ difference radically from the nightmares that occur for children is that the child does not wake up any of that screaming or sitting and maybe walking all that he is sleeping and continue to sleep ( when no one interfered with the parents and wake him up on mostly) It doesn’t remember mostly the whole thing, while it’s different in the nightmares that occur when he “wakes up” from sleep itchy A his dream of shocking… no that child in the night terrors panic while he is sleeping and does not remember it the next day. on the contrary, in the case of nightmares, it’s like we adults wake up the site fully and remembers and his father’s or his mother the story of this frightening dream .

What appears on a child?

  • Seating the child suddenly in his bed after he was lying asleep …this sit he is sleeping and seems to have signs of dismay
  • Shouting and screaming
  • Probably be light in his eyes.
  • Finish the baby and breathing rapidly
  • The appearance of sweat on the face and limbs of the child
  • Maybe the child moves or walks
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Be a child in a deep sleep and wakes up easily if it has been woken up by his parents he would be confused

Period and when to challenge?

This may take the symptoms of seconds, simple to few minutes and often occur in the third or the first half of the night and seldom happen eventually .

Reasons for the occurrence of night terrors

Happen night terrors as a result of the vigilance of the excess for the central nervous system during sleep . Human Sleep normal is a cycle repeated over the course of sleep, sleep cycle, and then followed by a new cycle, and each cycle of the sleep cycles is divided on two phases

First flight non-movement sleep (called sleep phase gas once) Non REM Sleep .
Second; the phase of the eye movement (the stage of sleep the Dreamer) REM Sleep
Thus, with the onset of sleep start sleep cycle repeated from the stage of sleeping gas as soon as you receive a phase of sleep of the Dreamer thus has ended the first session … then what? Then start a new session with the same arrangement the bedroom is once followed by sleep once .

◆In the stage of sleeping gas as soon as; the machine war and the muscles are still working, while the dream of the human, mostly the dream it doesn’t remember his dream .

◆The stage of sleep of the dreamer; the intervention of the muscles and the motor system in a state similar to paralysis and stop … while this stage is rich in dreams, that’s mostly what’s in the image remembers her human and wants her after he wakes up.

◆Happen to night terrors during sleep stage gas once the Non-REM type of dread this “no dreams ” is the interaction may occur when you move from the stage of Sleep, “Heavy” is the stage of sleep gas once to the stage of sleep of the Dreamer which is less deep which in usual is smoothly …..In the absence of this power wakes up best .

When did it occur?

It is observed clearly that the dread of night is significantly increasing in; and
As who sleep tired very
As who experience stress severe
As those who do not sleep enough sleep
As those who drink the products and derivatives of caffeine before sleep.
And cues the nervous system before sleep, such as toys and Electronic on your phone or tablet or other gaming devices …for example to watch video content interesting or scary .
The place to sleep away from home .
The hours of sleep . And determine daily system of semi-fixed dates sleep plastic.
As who suffer from high temperature they may be more susceptible .

Of kids most vulnerable?

Night terrors one of the common things among the children he talked to at least 40 percent units between the ages of 3 to 12 years .Talked to girls much more than boys and gradually in adolescence to be a few spread very among adults .
The possibility of that happening with kids who have a history of that happening with one or both parents or one or more of the ancestors .

Do you dread the night worlds dangerous?

E affects the ride quality and the number of hours of sleep a child is not receiving the necessary amount of sleep the Dreamer which provides him rest and renewal …so may cause some feeling sleepy during the day .
Of children feel embarrassed when the novel of what happened yesterday, so watch out, father and mother you must know that it’s normal and happens to the children of many …and your a natural at it, good deal you with. gives that apparatus .
C causes the movement of the child while he is sleeping in wound infection or trauma, or bruising .

So how can I help my baby?

Let’s be honest, dread of night is alarming for the parents than for the children who feel helpless when he can’t find what he’s doing to help his son .

The first way to help is to understand what is happening.. if you understand that what is happening is normal happen to the children of many and does not hold the gravity of this will give you a lot of Nirvana and then the ability to help your child ….

☆Know the etiology of the Kia avoid. ☆

Be sure your child gets a sufficient amount of time ….I know that the lives of children because it’s filled with fun and entertainment a large number prefers to play on sleep …so I put a strict system for bedtime …select the dates of the Sleep-Wake and cause sleep always activities that give relaxation and peacefulness like;

  • Taking a warm bath .
  • Read the story .
  • Read the Qur’an .
  • Adhkaar .

Or other business that gives mental comfort, even when children … and avoiding actions that are broadcasting in your child’s tension and fear and the severity of the nerves and vigilance as mobile or watch horror movies or action or news .

If there is bouts of night terrors relax

It’ll take time and I know well that it is not satisfactory and does not hold any meaning serious …calm down and wipe your baby calm whether touch the bar on his own body or even .

Avoid wake up your child

Who Prevent is to try to wake your child as he wakes up confused and doesn’t understand what happened which will his or creeped out …as if I let him he is sleeping will move from the stage of sleep gas and once to sleep the Dreamer automatically and then he’ll calm down and sleep quietly and relaxed again… what to the perfect solution is in your hands

I understand ~ calm down ~ wait

But hate it its your child before the waste materials half an hour so as not to enter in that phase of sleep .

☆When should I consult a doctor??? the

  • Remember that night terrors is normal and is connected to the phase age but may be important to show your child to a psychiatrist when he negatively affects the hours of sleep and feeling of the child to the permanent sleepy during the day and stress .
  • Safety first safety first as they say when the line up of the child or that his movement was dangerous it must be not of nature .
  • Or when you freaked out the night after childhood and post-adolescence .

♡♡The happiest God your lives and the lives of your children had your peacefulness and tranquility♡♡

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