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Abnormal phenomenon of inflammation and others, may infect the peripheral nervous system; it is those nerves that transmit gonorrhea neurotransmitter of the central nervous system-brain and spinal cordto other parts of the body, and as it includes sensory nerves, which in turn transmit nerve signals from the body to the central nervous system, which we understand them to form a sense of pain or heat or pressure, etc.

Therefore, our understanding of the presence of nerve terminal multiple, the multiplicity of members that receive these nerves, means that the symptoms of neuropathy vary according to the thing caused, and also vary according to the nature of the affected nerve, and the method of treatment and dealing with this disease varies by person, depending on what is the interests!

Facts about neuropathy peripheral

There are some facts that are expected to understand before you start with the details:

  • Neuropathy peripheral is a common problem of proliferation when a lot of people, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes like.
  • This may include disease of the sensory nerves, and motor, and even involuntary. (See the article What are the symptoms of inflammation of the nerves and when you should go to the doctor for more details).
  • You may catch the nerve of the one lost as is the case in inflammation of the nerve VII ( see neuritis of Seventh what are its causes and how we can treat inflammation of the nerve VII) or a group of nerves such as in diabetic patients.

The causes neuropathy peripheral

There are several reasons lies behind the injury affected the nerves including:

  • Systemic diseases include diabetes, kidney disease andlaziness of the thyroid gland in addition to a lack of vitamin “B”.
  • Direct injury for nutrients wascarpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Drinking alcohol or exposure to toxic substances like mercury and pesticides.
  • Immune diseases as lupus and rheumatism.
  • Viral inflammation.
  • Some medication as some drugs used in the treatment of convulsions.

Symptom recognition terminal

There are some symptoms that may accompany neuropathy which vary according to the affected nerve, and these symptoms:

  • Let down and grew in hands and men.
  • Feeling a sharp pain like the prick of needles.
  • Weakness in the muscles especially the muscles of the extremities.
  • Problems in the sexual process.
  • Incidence of decrease in blood pressure.
  • Diarrhea permanent.
  • Know severe.
  • Problems in digestion.

Neuropathy treatment peripheral

Arrange ways to treat neuropathy peripheral on three key points, include:

  1. Treatment the main reason behind neuropathy.
  2. The removal of the symptoms especially the pain.
  3. To prevent future complications and destroy the structure of the nerve.
  • Neuropathy treatment using drugs

The use of pain relievers

Here are some of the drugs used in the treatment show pain resulting from neuropathy, which must indicate that these drugs not be used only by prescription, and depend on the dosage specified by the doctor, as well as the time period for their use, these drugs include:

  • Some medications used to treat the conflict; such as the case “carbamazepine”.
  • Some drugs used to treat depression; such as: latte, and finds venlafaxine.
  • Some analgesics were Tramadol and.

Also there are some medications that are used for pain as painkillers the the ETC., and also some creams that contain analgesic substances; and the nature and type of treatment used is determined by the doctor depending on the health situation of the patient and the quality of the accreditation.

May refuse certain patients taking these drugs on the grounds that they conflict or depression, with these drugs good to use to treat the pain of neuropathy scientifically, and are used depending on the prescriptions in all countries of the world!

The use of medications other than pain relievers

May be the commission of some other drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the nerves located, for example:

  1. Is used anti-virus acts in the treatment of neuritis of the sixth.
  2. In the case of inflammation of the ring of fire is to use creams anti-viral and some painkillers.
  • Neuropathy treatment peripheral non-pharmacological

May Commission some options for non-pharmaceutical as a physical therapist but may be used, such as in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In some patients are resorting to treatment using electrical stimulation through the skin, especially in people who want to stay away from painkillers.

Advised also patients with neuropathy several other activities may work to relieve and reduce the symptoms associated with them such as:

  1. The practice of yoga.
  2. Work body massage.
  3. Stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol.
  4. Committee for acupuncture therapy is one of treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine.
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. Wear shoes suitable for the foot.

To sum up, to neuropathy, including nerve inflammation, different ways of dealing with it, the nature of medicines that half of it, depending on the type of the affected nerve, the symptoms of neuropathy in the patient.


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