Neuritis of the previous causes and how to treat neuritis previous

How to interact with others during your day? Talk to them, yes. While this is an important form and direct form of communication, but you also used a number of methods of gas directly, even the least aware to communicate your opinions and emotions correctly. One of the most important of these methods is the facial expression, the raised eyebrow, or minor movements in the corner of the mouth and other facial movements can tell whether we pay attention to something, either positively or negatively.

There is a nerve is vital to doing this job which is the facial nerve, comes out of the facial nerve from the brain stem is considered the nerve of the former from the collection of the cranial nerves the Twelve, there are a pair of nerves facial each of which covers part of the face, says seventh-nerve in movements and facial expressions which is responsible for the sense of taste in the anterior part of the tongue, as it moves in function of the number of salivary glands found in the mouth, lacrimal glands responsible for the secretion of tears.

The causes of neuritis of the sixth

There are several reasons behind the infection of the nerve the former, whether it is a direct hit to work, or that it is a systemic disease, and it is these reasons:

  • Facial paralysis migraine or what is known as “Bell’s palsy” which is the most common cause of nerve VII, the cause of this inflammation is viral most often, and the viruses causing the disease:
  1. The herpes simplex virus, the virus that causes the sores that occur around the mouth and in the genital areas.
  2. Virus herpes zoster.
  3. Virus Epstein bar.

Causes inflammation and swelling in the facial nerve that controls movement of one side of the face. Nerve passes as well as small blood vessels near the cross-channel super narrow, and with hypertrophy of the nerve, it becomes compressed office Your its cover condoms, which affects the ability of the nerve to perform its function in the innervation of the facial muscles in the affected, it causes weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face.

Mostly occurs inflammation of the nerve VII on one side, i.e., that an individual one of a pair of nerves be affected. However, the infected nerve on both sides, and in rare cases as in the MS example.

Risk factors for infection with seventh-nerve

  • Diabetes.
  • Pregnant women, especially in the months of pregnancy the last.
  • Immune deficiency diseases such as AIDS.
  • Influenza.

Symptoms of neuritis of the sixth

Lead neuritis previous to a breach of its functions, the symptoms may include all or some of the following:

  • Relaxation of the eyebrow on the affected side.
  • Drooping of the lower part of the face, especially the angle of the mouth, and excessive descent of saliva from the corner of the affected from the mouth.
  • The inability to close the eye in the affected fully, leading to dryness of the eye.
  • May cause loud sounds and discomfort in the ear on the affected side, a so-called Team a better photo of the ear.
  • The loss of the sense of taste in the introduction of the tongue.

Affect changes resulting from seventh-nerve palsy in facial appearance, and these changes in general clear to others, the patient concerned and to avoid social activities.

The diagnosis of the disease

Is the diagnosis of neuritis of the former is usually based on symptoms, physical examination, and doctors conduct laboratory tests or diagnostic images in if the cause is Bell’s palsy. In other cases, it might be necessary to conduct further tests depending on the condition of each patient and the nature of its symptoms, such as:

  • The layout of the electrical nerves.
  • Brain imaging using either computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of neuritis of the sixth

If the cause is Bell’s palsy, the treatments can help you to move faster, especially if you start treatment in the first few days of the occurrence of symptoms. It is possible to dispense with medical treatment if symptoms are mild. Options include treatments:

  • Eye care

You will need to treatments if you cannot close the eye fully, so if there is a risk of permanent damage to work in case of injured corneal dehydration acute. You can use artificial tears (eye drops) every hour during the day to maintain the moisture of the eye. As for the humidifier to work, it is best to use the night because it affects the vision. Also it is important to protect the eye during the day using lenses or goggles, and put a patch over the eye while sleeping ensure closure and prevent dehydration.

  • Drugs

  • Most people who are diagnosed polio bill in two to three days from the appearance of the first symptoms is the treatment they start the steroids (e.g., prednisone) for one week, where can reduce the steroid and the swelling of the nerve and the chances of a full recovery. These drugs work better when you start early, i.e. during the three days of the onset of symptoms.
  • Use antiviral drugs like valacyclovir offers sometimes combined with corticosteroids, especially when the poor face severe.
  • In other cases, the treatment of inflammation of the nerve part of the treatment of the disease as a whole.

The future of facial paralysis migraine

In general, characterizes people who have their disease less severe to be cured fully during the period is estimated at 3-6 months, and if the symptoms started in the control during the first 21 days, then the chance of recovery is good also with the probability of survival of a simple and double in the muscles of the face. However, there is a potential for Pressure Permanently in some cases who have symptoms in moderate to severe.

May be similar to the patient to heal and then the symptoms return again. When this happens, you may lose the patient’s ability to control his facial movements separate design movements of the face are inconsistent, for example:

  • The smile may cause closure of the eyes.
  • When the secretion of saliva (eg, before eating), you might flowing tears from one eye.


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