Natural ways to facilitate the delivery

طرق طبيعية لتسهيل الولادة

طرق طبيعية لتسهيل الولادة

You may feel scared with the approaching date of the birth of your baby, especially if the committee decided a natural birth, Bean your baby without drugs in a natural way is not easy, but possible, so keep with us in this article to know natural ways to facilitate birth

Knowing the cause of your desire to birth naturally

Do you want to birth without any intervention at all, or without medicines the pain? Do you want to in the reduction of interference due to potential side effects, or previous experiences with tools, medical, or sense of accomplishment thinking personal? For each person the cause is different, so doctors are advised to find what suits you best will help you to address this concern, no matter what happens during labor, where it says Georgia rent-zip, a doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology, she was committed to the birth without a treat for all her four children, she wanted to experience childbirth the way that you mean her nature, that was my goal, and that means feeling all the sensations, even if some negative.

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Natural selection natural childbirth

If natural childbirth is not a medical Goal can be achieved completely for about 85 percent of pregnant women, where 15 percent other health complications put them in the category of high risk, and in need of specific interventions (such as cesarean section) to make birth safer for the mother or the child.

Despite this information, however, about 67.2 per cent of women give birth naturally, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and sweating a bit more, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also that 61 percent of women who give birth naturally do not need to upper epidural, while 39 percent others have the birth of non-medical or use a few pain relievers, and some of these women “natural birth” because there is no time to treat an epidural or not available.

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Natural ways to facilitate birth

Know some ways that can help facilitate your birth:

Having a companion or a mate

Work companion as your own personal support you before, during and after birth, and Tina Jones from the city of Iowa City, who gave birth to her son naturally, “I knew my date I want to be at home for as long as possible, and once that came, took away the pencil and paper you use to keep track of the contractions, and allowed me to focus on how the interaction of my body and my baby and how I felt, and during contractions, she kept rubbing my shoulder or pressing on my thigh when I told her that my back hurts, I was very quiet, and I don’t think I’d be able to stay at home for a long time without it.”

You can also spend early labor at home, where you can navigate and go to the bathroom, eat and drink, and when your contractions are less than five minutes differentiated and become stronger for at least two hours, you can talk with your doctor, and if I went to the hospital and be comfortable and to home.

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Being prepared physically and mentally

Was Jones in line for 30 minutes throughout the period of her pregnancy, with prenatal yoga practice, saying “I’ve tried to really look at birth as a natural process, and I told myself that women give birth to normal, and that my body will know what he’s doing, and seen to the review that pain.”

And I was born women since the beginning of humanity, but you should really do some mental preparation for the physical event, and Georgia rent-zip, PhD in medicine, doctor of Obstetrics and gynecology: “I see some patients who say, I’ll try it, if you want to really in the birth of normal, they rarely say I’ll try, this mentality doesn’t work, while women do it for centuries, they had had always the option of epidural anesthesia, so you’ll have to do something to prepare for if you want to avoid medications”

Natural ways to facilitate the birth: keep calm and positive

Now is not the time to listen to stories about the process of emergency cesarean section relative you, and the arrival of my next-door neighbor slowly with a giant head, so keep your cool by surrounding yourself in success stories of natural birth, cut the negative feedback politely, but immediately.

After learning about Sir some of the natural ways of birth registration and some tips for the passage of that period of peace, you must prepare the psychological and physical in order to hold up during this process, and remember that seeing your baby is worth it.

Calculator pregnancy and birth

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