Natural cures for constipation


Constipation is also one of the very common problems have been due to the foods covered by the person or which are not covered by, taking certain medications, incidence of certain diseases or the nature of everyday life. But it may catch many people hold chronic unknown reason and supports medical and chronic idiopathic constipation.

Know constipation that is to say the number of times to go to the bathroom (urinating) in the week than normal. It may also be accompanied by other symptoms, such as discomfort or pain when using the bathroom and bloating and pain because the stool is very solid.

Unfortunately you may have to catch a negative impact on the life of the affected person in addition to negative effects on physical health and mental.

There are many natural ways that you can follow to relieve constipation and to remind you in this article

A drink of water.

I said drink water, basic factors in constipation, so it is important to drink sufficient amounts of water. Will help you drink carbonated water to cure constipation, where studies have shown that the capacity of the carbonated water to cure constipation better than mineral water, and this includes patients with chronic idiopathic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Eating larger amounts of fiber

It is always advised patients constipation eating sufficient amounts of foods containing fiber so that the fiber is working to increase the size and efficiency of the work of the intestine and thus makes the passage of stool easier. In fact, studies have shown that 77% of patients with chronic constipation improved their health after taking dietary supplements containing fiber. While shown in other studies to get fiber from food works to increase the number of times to use the bathroom but does not help in treating the symptoms of constipation such as strength and pain and bloating.

Preferred intake of fiber dissolved and which can be obtained from oatmeal, nuts and legumes in addition to some kinds of vegetables and fruit, this type of fiber works to absorb water and the formation of forces similar to the gel that works to make the stool softer and improve its forces.


Studies have shown that exercise affects the constipation slowly the different. So that exercise does not affect the number of times to use the bathroom. However, a recent study showed that exercise helped to relieve the symptoms of constipation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Drink special coffee containing caffeine

Coffee helps many people to go to the bathroom, where they work on stimulating the work of the muscles of the digestive tract. Shown one study that coffee containing caffeine work to stimulate the functioning of the digestive system as much as eating a full meal and that this effect is stronger by 60% of the effect of water and 23% of the effect of coffee free from caffeine.

It may also contain coffee on the small percentage of soluble fiber that prevent constipation and hardened by improving the balance of bacteria present in the digestive tract.

Eating the and is a laxative herbal

Using laxative herbal the usually for the treatment of constipation and is available in pharmacies and can sell it without a prescription are also available many pharmaceuticals are ingested by mouth or anal. Containing the the many plant ingredients that are called Agile, which works to stimulate nerves in the digestive tract and speed up the process of evaporation.

Think the as safe for use for adults for short periods but should consult a doctor if you don’t remove the symptoms within a few days.

Not recommended for pregnant women and infants or the interests of some diseases such as enteritis on the eating the A.

Eating foods or supplements containing probiotics

Work probiotics on the Prevention of chronic constipation where studies have shown that patients with chronic constipation suffer from an imbalance of bacteria existing in the intestine and is believed that foods containing probiotics improve the balance and prevent constipation. As work on the treatment of constipation by producing lactic acid and short-chain fatty acids, which improve the bowel movement so that the Switch becomes easier.

Eating a peach.

Helps eat a peach black or mat black peach for the treatment of constipation it contains fiber and a laxative natural sorbitol.

Shown some studies that the ability of prunes to cure constipation better than fiber. You can eat 7 kernels of plums twice a day to get the result.

Should patients with inflammatory bowel avoid eating plums

Sesame seeds

Containing sesame seeds on the components of the oil work to moisturize the intestine and which help to alleviate the symptoms of constipation in case of the presence of feces solid. You can add sesame seeds to salads or grind with coffee beans.


You can eat one tablespoon of molasses before bedtime helps alleviate the symptoms of constipation in the next morning. Choose molasses black color is the center more than three times and contains copious amounts of vitamins and minerals and magnesium which helps to treat constipation.

Marinated ginger or mint

Works all of the drenched ginger and peppermint to alleviate the symptoms resulting from the digestion problems. The mint contains the INTO and that works as an antidote for cramps then works on the relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract. The ginger works to make the body produce more heat which leads to improved digestion. The hot water used to determine the soaked works to improve digestion and relieve symptoms of constipation.

Lemon water

Works the citric acid in lemon stimulate the digestive tract and works to get the toxins out of the body. Tops squeeze a lemon in a glass of water every morning, or add slices of lemon to a cup of tea.


Raisins are rich in fiber, it also contains an acid state, and which has a laxative effect. Study showed that eating a small box of raisins daily improves the digestion pressure. Contains apricot and the cherry on the fiber also helps to cure constipation.

Castor oil

Cure customary of Old Time, won the castor oil works as a laxative, you can take 1-2 teaspoons of castor oil in the morning on an empty stomach and you’ll lose the symptoms of constipation during eight hours.

Avoid dairy products

May cause intolerance to dairy products constipation which affects the bowel movement. Of these cases of injury to children not afford cow’s milk or a large lactose-intolerant causing constipation. If you think dairy is causing constipation you have you’ll avoid or lessen the intake of dairy products, but be sure to get calcium from sources other food.



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