Natural childbirth without pain and what are the methods used

Think natural childbirth is a painful process cumbersome, and the consequences of the physiological and psychological on the mother and child, and no doubt that most of the ladies end their anxiety about the deal and control the pain of childbirth or the pain of Labor, caused by uterine contractions.

Natural childbirth

Is a normal physiological process through which to exit the fetus and the membrane surrounding the umbilical cord and placenta from the uterus via the vaginal opening.

The nature of the pain of uterine contractions

Know the pain as a sensory and emotional experience undesirable. Begins to the pain of childbirth is mild in the initial stages of natural birth and increase in severity with the progress, comes the pain of childbirth as a result of the stimulation of mechanical receptors and chemical that stimulate the after the secretion of neurotransmitters existing in the uterus, which lead to the contraction of the muscles of the uterus and expand with the neck of the uterus and vagina during the pressure of the baby’s head and dash in the birth canal, which feel the pain on the form of colic is severe abdominal and pelvis and lower back, and some feel the pain in the side of the pelvis.

The pain comes in the initial stages of uterine contractions and cervical dilatation, then add in the third stage of Labor the pain resulting from expansion of the area of the vagina and stretch the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, and in the second phase more severe than the first stage, and it comes with malaise and desire to pay.

The importance of control over the pain of natural childbirth

  • Control pain during childbirth helps in the regularity of the breathing of the mother, and thus maintains the normal ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood of the mother and the fetus, also contributes to the control of the arrival of perfusion to the proper development of the fetus through the placenta, and this is especially important in pregnant women who suffer from diseases relating to heart or hypertension during pregnancy.
  • Control pain and anxiety during birth reduces the likelihood of developing mental illnesses that follow birth, as the frustrations after birth (postpartum depression) and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder).

Methods used to soothe the pain of natural childbirth

There is soon to control the pain of childbirth, they are:

  1. Natural methods.
  2. Methods of medical and pharmacological treatments.

We will take in this article the methods of medical and pharmacologic treatments used to ease the pain of childbirth.

There is no single method suitable for all ladies; so it depends on Ms. consult a doctor to determine the most appropriate way for their health.

Methods of medical and pharmacologic treatments used to ease the pain of natural childbirth

There are several medical ways to reduce the pain of childbirth, as follows:

1.The injection of drugs intravenously or intramuscularly (Parenteral):

There are three types of medications that can be used to relieve the pain of natural childbirth are:

  • Drugs narcotic opiate(Opioid analgesia)

    (Such as meperidine, morphine, fentanyle), which can be injected intravenously or intramuscularly in the middle of the first stage of the pain of natural childbirth, where it works to relieve the pain significantly, which wants the mother and it birth. Have these drugs cause some complications for the mother like barf, nausea, and inhibition of the respiratory system, in the case of the transmission of these medications to the fetus via the placenta may cause no idle and a slowdown in the heartbeat and discouragement in the work of the respiratory system.

Is notice complications medicines to avoid for the mother and the fetus through injection by slowly reducing the doses used and increased gradually with increasing severity of pain!
  • Pain medications non-opioid

    Such as(Panadol), but it is not as effective as opiate drugs relieve pain, but it may help minimize it, in the initial stages of natural birth.

  • Sedative medications

    The most famous of which (ketamine, dormicum, promethazine & hydroxyzine), which can reduce anxiety, and increase the effectiveness of opiate drugs in pain relief, and thus allow to reduce the dose of these drugs and reduce the side effects accompanying.

You can combine these types of drugs together, and therefore less of complications and side effects for each type and increasing the effectiveness of pharmaceutical(Multi-modal Analgesia).

2.Gases inhalation(Inhalation):

Is often the use of nitrous oxide gas with oxygen, when you start contractions and the pain of natural childbirth is put Face Mask(Face Mask) to the patient and then pumping a mixture of gas which will calm down the mother and relieve the pain of childbirth. The use of nitrous oxide gas is safe and does not pose any risk to the mother and fetus and in the case of using it for short periods of time.

3.Epidural anesthesia(Epidural Anesthesia):

Epidural anesthesia is an injection of medication around the spinal cord in the space between the layers of the dura mater, ligament and yellow (vacuum Siberia) after the introduction of a thin catheter to the vacuum.

It can be injected drugs, such as market two(Marcaine) or drugs that are narcotic opiates, such as its file(Fentanyle) or both together.

It is considered an epidural of the best and most effective methods used to relieve the pain of natural childbirth, as its complications on the mother and the fetus are few and limited compared to other methods, it is also possible to use it for anesthesia and for pain relief only in the event of requiring a caesarean section urgent that natural childbirth is a fun car that will demand general anesthesia and its risks.

As for the complications and cons of epidural anesthesia are minimal to happen because of the precautions taken by the crew of the anesthesia, one of the most important complications that may occur during the natural childbirth is to increase the time period for the second phase of the mandate, leading to increased opportunities to use the tool forceps birth (Forceps) to assist in the exit of the child.

4.Anesthesia nerve pudendal (Pudendal nerve block):

The doctor says the rights of the narcotic substance around nerve pudendal near the vagina and reduce pain resulting from dilation of the birth canal during the outbreak of the child through them, but not much help regarding the pain of uterine contractions unlike an epidural or injections of opioid analgesics.


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