Names drugs product supplements to face the corona virus

اسماء ادوية المناعة

اسماء ادوية المناعة

In the shadow of the crisis of spread of MERS-CoV and the high number of injuries and deaths, come expert tips continuing need to strengthen the organization, and that’s basically food, but you can supplements and medicines can have no role? We know the names of the medications the organization or supplements and their role to resist MERS-CoV.

Corona virus and spread it fast

With the high number of injuries continuous because of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, Some ask about why such high numbers? We can say that the speed of the spread of the virus easily and are the main reason for this.

The virus spreads through the spray to the affected person cases of the virus, while retaining the suggestions or touch contaminated surfaces, the virus is transmitted from person to person.

Some new studies have shown that the virus can remain stuck in the air for several hours! Which may explain why transmission of the virus from people who do not show symptoms! Which also explains the reason for the high casualties continued.

Names drugs product supplements that you can encounter the virus

It is important to know that even now, there is no approval from the FDA of America on any vitamins or supplements as a treatment against the novel coronavirus specifically!

Expert advice, ongoing attention to the report of the home food and exercise, but sometimes some people are not able to get the elements required to bring a product through the food only, but can use supplements and vitamins that can have a role in strengthening the region.

Owns MERS-CoV symptoms similar to the symptoms of colds and flu, and therefore some supplements which are used for colds and flu, can have a role in the face and relieve the symptoms of novel coronavirus.

And months supplements and medications that can be used to assess the area:


Zinc is important elements of the organization, and to support the immune cells too, and therefore its deficiency can cause increased risk of infection including pneumonia.

Bay La Sun Elderberry

Complementary to the Bay La Sun Black could be the role for you home, as it is used for the treatment of infections, where the complementary elements of the anti-virus and germs that have a role in the face of bacterial pathogens that may lead to the occurrence of infections in the upper respiratory tract.

But there remains a need for more research to be sure of the results.

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Months vitamin reduce the area of

Vitamin C

Of the most supplements common of which is mission to face the cold, where they can be vitamins the role of good in the face of infection, by getting rid of old cells, and replacing them with new cells.

Some studies have shown that the virus can have a role in easing and reducing duration of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, including colds.

Vitamin D

A lack of vitamin D cause a problem for the immune system, which raises the incidence of respiratory infections, including asthma and flu.

Some studies have shown that vitamin D, you might say the response to the treatments that are used against viral infections, but may protect from infections of the respiratory tract.

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Other supplements and drugs to raise the region

There are some other supplements that can patch the area also other than those already mentioned including:

  • Let (areas).
  • Supplements selenium.
  • Garlic.
  • Licorice.
  • B-complex vitamins.

Important note: you should pay attention to to these supplements mentioned all, never be sure of their effectiveness against MERS-CoV specifically, as some of you are still needs to a range of other studies to ensure the effectiveness of the overall organization.

We would like to note that you must first consult your doctor before you do download any of them, especially those who are taking any medications may interact with supplements.

You can find out more detailed information about how to strengthen the region against MERS-CoV in different ways.

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