My problem 3 years ago, countenance in your head sebaceous cyst

My problem 3 years ago, countenance in your head the bag greasy and the large size of his prior 3 months went to doctor and he asked me to photo it to photo layer, and I fear became a panic attack so severe it was fun and the cooler in my chest with my hands and the beats of my heart become very fast and became the boss reflection of the death that was fun and that I got the madness and the relief of sleep but thank God the sound intact and can remove the bag fat and then remove the bag of fat but then I went to a psychiatrist and described my case a panic attack and gave me meds, anti-depressants and medication so I could sleep, but after a week I stopped the medicine because I didn’t question it, I’m now of the fear of sleep and also sleep Very choppy and when mood is very volatile and I’m living in a dream and the problems in focus and also the Federation of light at night description of the report in so I’m trying now to set myself away from the meds and my prayers and read the IS there a cure not medicine thank you for your

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