Mushrooms and the benefits of the amazing and what you care about mushroom featherbed!



A lot of likes mushrooms or mushroom or mushrooms as some are calling it, and add it to different types of food, you and your taste, but the amazing here to the mushrooms is not added only tasty, but add a healthy also for your body because of the benefits it contains which will all in the next section.

The most popular types of mushrooms (mushroom)

It is important to know that the mushroom has numerous kinds can be obtained and used in cooking, which can be obtained from stores and markets well-known and secured, because it is also important to ensure the bank that you get from them on the mushroom, so avoid some of the toxic species that grow in nature some believe it’s edible!

Among the most famous types of mushrooms found in the market and edible:

  • Mushroom shiitake.
  • The white mushrooms.
  • Portobello mushroom.
  • Mushroom cream me.
  • The oyster mushrooms.
  • The fungus link.
  • Mushroom Beech beech.
  • Mushroom maitake.

Mushrooms featherbed

فطر الريشي

Think mushrooms featherbed one of the most popular types of mushrooms have a fan of folk medicine, because of their belief that it contains many benefits useful to the organization and reduce stress and tension, improve sleep and promote heart health, and may be used in two ways-eaten fresh, or through crushing it and grinding it.

There are some studies about its benefits, depends on several factors, including the age and general health, as some benefits, has some side effects are greater when eaten as a powder, especially for patients with low-pressure, diabetes, or who suffer problems in the region in addition to some types of drugs, so consult with your doctor.

The benefits of mushrooms

The lighter mushrooms or mushroom is not water only, but is also free of fat, sodium and cholesterol, in addition to a low calorie, containing mushrooms, fiber, minerals and vitamins also, as there is not many other benefits important for the body including:


Needs two-thirds cup of portobello mushroom cooked on potassium, which is almost equivalent to medium-sized banana, the potassium element is very important for the health and safety of the heart, nerves and muscles.

Vitamin B

Of the most important benefits of mushrooms the presence of the B vitamin important to the body such as riboflavin is important for red blood cells, while niacin is useful for the digestive system, and pantothenic acid important for maintaining the nervous system.


Copper elements that help the formation of red blood cells, which function in the delivery of oxygen throughout the body, not only of the benefits of copper, it helps maintain the integrity of the nerves, you can cook a cup of mushrooms to get one-third the amount of potassium recommended in the day.

Fiber beta-glucan

Is one of the soluble dietary fiber, which help promote heart health, improve cholesterol, and the fiber beta-glucan on blood-sugar regulation, which enhances protection from diabetes, you can get this fiber in particular, oyster mushrooms and shitake mushrooms.


Of the most important benefits of antioxidants they help the body to fight free radicals which in turn enhance the health and safety of the heart, and of cancer and enhance the strength of the immune system in general, is considered the mushroom of the nutrient-rich in anti-oxidants including saline mushrooms, vitamin C and choline.

Folic acid

Sipping a cup of raw mushrooms to 16.3 micrograms out of 400 micrograms of folic acid recommended for adults per day, and is considered the folic acid of the most important elements that you need to get the bus to promote her health and the health of the fetus.

Important information: these are the benefits of mushrooms for weight loss and protection from cancer!

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How to choose and mushrooms better for you?

There are some specifications that must be considered when choosing a save the mushroom or fungus, including:

  • Choose the product hard and dry not wet or withered.
  • Make sure it is free of mold.
  • You can save the mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator for up to 5 days without washing them.
  • When used to clean the mushrooms of dirt or anything stuck to it, with the rinse light and focus them money.

How to add mushrooms to your food? Easy tips

Mushrooms as it is light in weight, is easy for you to get delicious and healthy recipes, you can use it as follows:

  • You can add mushrooms to the onions to get the best flavor when frying.
  • You can add sliced mushrooms white or Crimean peace.
  • You can do stuffing or baked portobello mushroom.
  • You can add mushrooms to the eggs, an omelet or pizza or any other food you want.

Important information: the way the work of the shoreline of chicken and mushroom.. Lite

Cooking the mood of you and your taste, you can fry or barbecue the mushrooms or add it to the food you love, the way you favorite, you get to taste and interest also, in case you have any medical question, you can consult one of our physicians here.

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