Mood swings

Peace and mercy of Allah

Mali in the start of the topic DirectX

I’m 21 years of age and the text is almost suffering from my mood, but I wasn’t annoying for me.

The yen than 4 months, almost fat literally lose the capacity in the shift in the mood in the monster arena million the mood and not crying and going without week knowing I would never keep someone who cries easily

I feel normal movements or actions listen them from myself.

Sometimes I hate myself and feel like I’m a loser and I have no thing to offer to the world and sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a girl normal. visit any girl in the world?!

I sometimes think of suicide but as a Muslim Its the farthest thought from your head, but after a while I feel like the night waiting for the people weak, and I’m a weak person

The problem is then I feel the voice in your head speaks in US, and creates me hate people I love them and fat cut off my relationships with people for no reason, my girlfriend of 10 years broke up with without warning, without reason an enemy of him, and she tried back and sadly ended for no reason?

I’m tired of my thoughts are scattered and my words became called quickly and I feel like my mind is common and where a million ideas in his head and I wish I’d have any need

Unfortunately, Mafra anything in my life.

And I Madre Xu work need me?

Fat I doubt myself Am I bipolar patients or not.

Blaise helped me

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