Months cough medicines, types and tips important for the treatment

The elements of the decision

Frequently the search for months cough medicines during the winter, which is witnessing increasing rates of incidence and duration of cold and flu, which are accompanied by cough and cough clearly.

Despite the importance of cough in flushing out anything stuck in the throat, such as dust, phlegm and germs, but sometimes increase the attacks are repeated and the crisis of the patient to make him unable to sleep, and here we must search for a fast treatment until the patient to feel better.

Medication for cough

Concerning the reasons of occurrence of cough and the patient needs a drug to calm the situation so that the source of sleep and rest, and months the types of drugs used for the treatment of cough are the following:

– Drugs remover to celebrate hide the bulging tissue is irritated and reduce the production of mucus and phlegm, reducing cough and is available these drugs in form of tablets and syrups and sprays for the nose, but these must be taken after consulting a doctor especially for patients with heart, kidney, and blood pressure.

– Sedative medications for cough, these medications calm the cough especially before bed, including medicines, dextromethorphan inhibitory to cough.

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– Pharmaceutical solvents, expectorant, these drugs to facilitate the exit of mucus from the respiratory system and soothe the cough, such as medications guaifenesin.

– Antibiotics, these drugs are used in the incidence of pertussis and the treatment of the problem of bacterial pneumonia will help to rid the germs causing the infection cough.

– Drugs سيترويدات inhaler, used to treat cough caused by allergies, such as hay fever and allergic chest.

اشهر ادوية السعال ونصائح مهمة للعلاجMonths cough medicines and tips important for the treatment

The names of months used drugs for the treatment of cough

Cough of more symptoms that accompany a cold allergies respiratory infection, of which there were two types either a dry cough, or cough accompanied by phlegm, can be divided into medications used in the treatment of cough to the following types:

1 – drugs used in the treatment of dry cough:

These medicines calm the coughing and provide comfort and relaxation to the source, among the most famous names in circulation for the treatment of this case as follows:

Brown, sills of, the notes, the Everson, the tan, the uranium, used as anti-anti-histamine such as Zyrtec, the levees, the event, Claritin, test, medication remover to celebrate.

2. the pharmaceutical solvent and extruder expectorant
These drugs reduce viscosity of mucus and facilitate its exit and expelled from the respiratory tract, it is the most important of these drugs are the following :

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Medication Asterix, Obelix, the drug varisolve, the tuner, the ECOSOC, the rectocoele, the topics, the ECOSOC, and also, Miko, mucous.

اشهر ادوية السعال برنشكومMonths cough medicines period

Tips to treat cough, all and get rid of phlegm

Can follow some tips to reduce cough and get rid of the accumulated phlegm in the respiratory tract, the most notable of these tips include the following:

– Eat warm drinks that help moisturize the throat and get rid of the mucus, such as anise, fennel, mint, cinnamon and ginger.

– Eating the honey of bees, honey and black daily to enhance the performance of the immune system and expel phlegm.

– Keep the humidity of the air, where the air is dry to increase the irritation of the respiratory tract, nose, increased secretion of phlegm, you can use devices that work to moisturize the atmosphere of the room and the installation of the milk which reduces the secretion of phlegm and cough.

– Attention to download large amounts of fluids and water to keep the Moisture Milk which reduces the viscosity of mucus, reduce cough and respect.

– Do the inhaling of water vapor to provide moisture to the nose and respiratory system and throat, helps to reduce the production of phlegm and cough.

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– Keep the head high while sleeping to prevent mucus from the stress of the back to the and facilitate the process of development.

– Clean the nose using a saline solution ” chloride sodium ” to help get rid of mucus and cleanse the respiratory tract from germs.

– Use saline solution for gargling at least 3 times a day. to reduce irritation of the respiratory tract and moisten the throat and reduce the irritation and get rid of the mucus.

– Stay away from smoking and sources of pollution, fumes, harp textures.

– Stay away from products for animals, games that contain lint and hair.

– Stay away from eating foods allergens.

– Avoid exposure to currents of cold air.

– Minimize the use of sprays and nose treatment to celebrate, because it works on drying out the mucus stuck his respiratory is exactly what makes it difficult.

اشهر ادوية السعال والحساسية كلاريتينMonths cough medicines and allergy Claritin

From here we can say that the months of cough medicines can be used after consulting a doctor to check on the type of cough suffered by the patient and determine the type of treatment appropriate to the situation, whether cough is dry or wet, these drugs are used cautiously for children, elderly and patients with kidney, heart, diabetes.

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