Mix of teeth whitening

خلطات تبييض الأسنان

خلطات تبييض الأسنان

Do you want to get white teeth and shiny huh? Does the color of your teeth yellow and makes you feel always embarrassed and lack of confidence? We found you a solution, continued with us this article to learn on the mixing of tooth whitening easy to prepare in your home, you must initially identify the causes of yellowing of teeth.

The causes of yellowing of teeth

  • Weakened enamel of the report of the work, think of the enamel outer layer of the teeth and the tooth colour is white, under the enamel layer of tissue called ivory, and is yellow color, when the weakened layer of enamel, the teeth begin in the yellowing.
  • Tinctures, excessive intake of certain things such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and sugary foods.
  • Smoking and tobacco products, certain types of antibiotics.

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Instructions to maintain the whiteness of teeth

  • Limit your intake of certain beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, dark juices.
  • Acidic foods can lead to yellowing of the teeth through the erosion of the enamel.
  • Dentists recommend generally wait 30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth, where it can weaken the acids and the enamel, so brushing too early may cause erosion of the enamel.
  • Quit smoking or tobacco products can reduce the oral problems andgum disease.

Mixtures teeth whitening

Mix of teeth whitening using oils

  • Washing the mouth with oil to remove food debris and bacteria, it is not a substitute for a brush or cleaning services, but some research indicates that the mouth wash some of the oils might help in whitening teeth such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil.
  • Refer American Dental Association that there are no scientific studies to reliably prove that the use of oils, whitens teeth or improves oral health.
  • To experience this method, rinse the mouth with oil for a minute then rinse your teeth.

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Baking soda

  • Some people feel concerned that the baking soda is extremely harsh, and may cause erosion of the enamel, but the research conducted in 2017 they found a safe way to remove stains.
  • It may help the baking soda also in the fight against bacteria, which suggests that she may be able to reduce plaque and prevent tooth decay.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach light can help in teeth whitening.
  • May increase hydrogen peroxide from the tooth sensitivity, so it is not suitable for long-term use or for people who already have sensitive teeth.
  • To get good results mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide daily.
  • If you are concerned about the hydrogen peroxide Peaks Water it down.

Mix of teeth whitening by fruit

As in papaya and pineapple respectively situated on the enzymes of papaya andpropyl countries have proved their role in teeth whitening.

Maintain oral hygiene

  • Maintaining oral hygiene is the most important thing a person can do to reduce the yellowing of the teeth.
  • Brushing and flossing regularly to protect enamel, prevent tooth decay, remove stains.
  • Brushing teeth twice a day at least, the person must be sure to clean around the gums and behind the teeth.
  • Using toothpaste with fluoridecan fluoride to trying it reflects the decay of the teeth, although some people oppose the use of fluoride, but dentists believe that fluoride is safe and beneficial to teeth.
  • Use floss to remove plaque between the teeth.

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Common but harmful

Spread in the recent mixing of whitening the teeth, but proved the extent of its damage on the teeth, and they in turn may cause erosion of the enamel, such as: lemon, orange, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, so don’t use any recipes but after making sure of its safety.

In the end, dear reader, change your lifestyle, and cleaning your teeth regularly increases the life of the tooth, and maintains her statement, and if you have any question about the health of your teeth, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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