Methods of treatment of diabetes

طرق علاج مرض السكري

طرق علاج مرض السكري

If you are suffering you or a member of your family from diabetes and want to learn the ways of diabetes treatment , whether medically or by using a certain diet, it is during our next we’ll answer all your questions.

How to diagnose diabetes

Before knowing the treatment methods for diabetes you must first know Am I diabetic or not? It may be your doctor in your diabetes if you have certain risk factors for diabetes such as:

In order to obtain a correct diagnosis, the doctor begins the patient work of the testing laboratory to find out the level of sugar in the blood and compare levels of natural, to diagnose the condition of the patient whether diabetic or not.

What are the methods of treatment of diabetes?

To know methods of treatment of diabetes, you must be well aware that diabetes is a serious disease you can’t cure it yourself, and you must help your doctor to develop a plan suitable for your product, you may also need other specialists, including the nature of the feet and nutritionist and eye doctor specialist diabetes (called endocrine specialist).

Requires the treatment of diabetes control blood sugar levels, with the range of medicines and exercise and diet, and by attention to the time to eat, you can reduce or avoid the rapid change of blood sugar levels, which may require quick changes in medication dosages, especially insulin.

Methods of treatment of diabetes with medicines

If you have Type I diabetes, the pancreas no longer make insulin that your body needs, in order to benefit the body of sugar to obtain energy, so you’ll need to insulin in form of injection.

It may seem to learn to give the injection to yourself or your child or your child in the beginning the most difficult part in the management of diabetes, but it is much easier than you think.

It uses some people with diabetes insulin pump which gives insulin orderly, and you and your doctor program the pump to deliver a certain amount of insulin throughout the day.

The benefits of food regulation in the treatment of diabetes

The methods of treatment of diabetes is to keep your diet healthy, it means eating a balanced diet is vital for people suffering from diabetes, so check with your doctor or nutritionist to prepare a plan to help you eat right for you.

If you have diabetes of the first type, the timing of the insulin dose determined by activity and diet, usually, doctors recommend three smaller meals, they are three to four snacks a day to maintain the right balance between sugar and insulin in the blood.

As a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet will help you keep your blood sugar in normal levels, depends on the amount of each on many factors, including your weight and your personal preferences.

How to control your carbs by figuring out how much you need, how much you eat is the key to controlling blood sugar, if you are overweight, eating low amounts of carbohydrates, or low calories, may help you get natural weight desired, it must not come to more than 7% of your diet from saturated fats, you should try to avoid trans fats entirely.

After that you know, dear reader, to methods of treatment of diabetes and the importance of cleaning your food to get results the health for a better life, if you have a query you can consult one of our doctors here.

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