Methods of prevention of smoking

طرق الوقاية من التدخين

طرق الوقاية من التدخين

Dear reader, if you are looking for methods of prevention of smoking, continued with us read this article, to see all the different ways to help you in the prevention and smoking cessation.

Methods of prevention of smoking

You may be looking for methods of prevention of smoking for the reason of the following reasons:

  • To be addicted to smoking nicotine and the quit and you don’t know how you can.
  • To have taken off already about the cigarettes and know the methods of prevention of smoking, and not return to him again.
  • To not have smoked cigarettes, never before that, and in the Prevention of the risk of you feeling the desire to try it one day.
  • To be willing to protect yourself from the dangers of passive smoking of those who smoke around you.

Whatever the reason that makes you want to stay away from smoking, it is known that quitting smoking is not easy, but there are a range of methods of prevention of smoking that you think and do, which will help you both in not thinking at all, in smoking prevention or smoking cessation, including:

  • Think about your life and your family and they need you to be close to them in life.
  • Think about the effects of smoking on your health and the health of those around you which may have risks, up to death.
  • Select the day you want to quit smoking, and never leave cigarettes.
  • Trail yourself to prepare for the effects of nicotine withdrawal from the body.
  • Continue with your doctor may recommend you some medications that will help you in the planning stage of nicotine withdrawal from the body.
  • Always fight your desire to smoke, this step is the most important point in all the methods of prevention of smoking.
  • Stay away from places and people who keep your desire of smoking.
  • Protect yourself from secondhand smoke, and are next to someone who smokes.
  • Ask for help from friends and family are non-smokers.
  • The tops of the exercise.
  • Look for alternatives to smoking that may help you, like nicotine gum or the nicotine patch..
  • Be wary of electronic cigarette and use them as substitutes for cigarettes, because of their serious effects on health.
  • Looking for a job or a hobby run your hands all the time and your mind off smoking.

Ways to quit smoking

There is more than one way to quit smoking, including:

  • The first way

Leave smoking permanently once a day quit smoking, and don’t come back again no matter how tempting around you.

  • The second way

By a week to ten days from the day that you select to quit smoking, reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke a day gradually, as your ability and determination to talk to, and try not to come back to smoke a larger quantity of cigarettes, and continued in that situation gradually even quit smoking completely on the day of Quit Smoking.

If I felt the desire to smoke try to resist, if it landed in the middle of your way to quitting smoking, and usually smoke, and try repeatedly until you succeed and you smoking.

  • The second way

Don’t smoke a cigarette in full each time you wish to smoking, gradually reduce the volume of cigarettes you smoke, until the day comes that you selected to quit smoking give up smoking permanently.

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Dear reader, whether you are a smoker and want to quit smoking or history of smoking and want to preventing yourself from falling into the abyss of smoking again, or a non-smoker and looking for ways to prevent smoking, in all cases we are next to you and call you for further inquiries, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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