Methods of calculating weeks of pregnancy scans and tips important for pregnant

The elements of the decision

The calculation of weeks of pregnancy scans of the exciting things for where you want a woman in the Follow-Up campaign by accurately and identify the stages of the development and growth of the embryo step by step.
Calculate pregnancy in months past, exchanges between the two methods so you can need to imagine The Shape of the fetus in accordance with the phase that passes by.

Weeks pregnancy scans

Is sensitive stages of pregnancy beginning from the date of the first day of the last menstrual period so as to not make the situation or know by the time ovulation occurs, and estimate the duration of pregnancy is about 280 a day equivalent to 40 a week, and can figure out and calculate the weeks of pregnancy are as follows:

– The first month of pregnancy puts weeks from the first week until the fourth week.
– The third month of pregnancy comprises of weeks from the fifth week until the eighth week.
– The third month of pregnancy comprises of weeks from the ninth week until the twelfth week.
– The fourth month of pregnancy starts from Week 14 till Week 17.
– The fifth month of pregnancy starts from Week 18 until Week 21.
– The previous month it starts from Week 22 to week 26 of the pregnancy.
– The previous month it starts from Week 27 to week 30 .
– The second month it starts from Week 31 till Week 35 .
– The ninth month starts from Week 36 until Week 40 and childbirth.
– Load is calculated with four weeks left with the first week after the end of the menstrual cycle the lack of the possibility of pollination during this period.
– The doctor calculates the expected date of birth by adding a week to the date of the first day of the last menstrual period, because the ability to know the timing of insemination accurately.

Schedule weeks of pregnancy and determine the due date accurately

طرق حساب اسابيع الحمل بالاشهرMethods of calculating weeks of pregnancy scans

Characteristic signs and stages of pregnancy

Doctors divide pregnancy into three distinct phases in weeks, witnesses and each stage marks distinguish them, as follows:

1 – the stage of the initial load and the three first months of pregnancy begins from the first week up to the twelfth week.
At this stage the embryo begins to grow and attach themselves to the fertilized egg to the uterine wall and begin signs of pregnancy appearing, and I Case of vomiting and nausea.

2 – stage load the second and start of the second month until the sixth month stretching from the fourteenth week until the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy.
In this period, the fetus continues to grow, startups need to differentiate fetal movements and kick him, and you can also identify the quality of defect detection sonar.

3 – the third and final stage of pregnancy and last three months of pregnancy stretches from Week 28 until birth of the fetus.
This is the last stage of pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow and increases its size, weight and the length, feel the need of heaviness of the lower abdomen due to increased size, and starts in the Standby state at the end of this stage.

The risks of the seventh month of pregnancy and between them and the symptoms natural

طرق حساب اسابيع الحمل بالاشهر ونصائح مهمة للحاملMethods of calculating weeks of pregnancy scans and tips important for pregnant

Important tips for pregnant during the months of pregnancy

You should care about the situation of her health and the health of the fetus during pregnancy even pass this stage safely and give birth safely, one of the most important tips provided to handle the following:

– Pay attention to eating healthy foods especially vegetables and fresh fruit, to obtain important vitamins and minerals for the health status and growth of the fetus.
– The need to eat natural juices fresh and drink sufficient amounts of water to protect against constipation and regulate digestion.
– The need to eat yogurt and cheese types to get adequate amounts of calcium necessary for the growth of teeth and bones of fetus.
– Must deal with the case of the fish especially seafood because they are rich entitled iodine and phosphorus which are important for fetal growth and thyroid stimulating.
– Eat nuts and peanuts because they prevent the need of energy and vitamins necessary for daily activity.
– You should reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee as they affect the absorption of body need for iron.
– The necessity of addressing food rich in iron and proteins, especially red meat and liver to protect them from anaemia.
– Reduce the intake of spicy foods and salty prevention n fluid retention in the body and to prevent cases of high blood pressure, injury and poisoning, pregnancy and.
– Eating honey white to enhance the body’s immunity and Prevention of infectious diseases.
– Eat foods rich in vitamin ” C ” to protect the body from colds and flu.
– Light exercise and quiet to stimulate blood circulation to treat and prevent it active and dynamic.
– The need to get enough hours of sleep, relax, rest and avoid exercise hard.

اسابيع الحمل بالاشهرWeeks pregnancy scans

We offer them ways to calculate weeks of pregnancy scans and symptoms that characterize each stage of the mother and the fetus, with reference to some professional tips for factors to pass this stage safely, so you birth in time and enjoy the baby good health.

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