Method of treatment of knee osteoarthritis in the medical household chores?


We will use we will use you through this article treatment of knee osteoarthritis in the medical home through the website idea, the roughness of the knee of the most diseases of the knee spread, and it takes care of a large segment of the people which is produced as a result of pressure on the knee State and and more than normal, so looking for a lot of people who suffer from knee problems for the ways the natural home to relieve the pain in addition to medical treatments to try to treat the roughness of the knee and this is what we have with in the next lines.

What is the roughness of the knee :-

  • Knee osteoarthritis is a disease of the knee joint, causing a state of erosion and lose of the existing up, and the function of this cartilage is to make the knee joint works in the city.
  • When you eat this cartilage contact occurs, and friction of the bones of the joint together during the war, which the patient feels pain and limits the tension sometimes.
  • Bringing the patient repeats the movement and did not cause him great pain to use the many creams and treatments that don’t help, but we will try to provide you with some home remedies and medical to relieve pain and to the truth and after a search we found that there is no already drugs set the knee as before, but all the prescriptions and treatment in order to reduce swelling and pain until you can walk easily.

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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis in the ways medical :-

There are two types of medical solutions that turn a patient with knee osteoarthritis these two solutions here :

The use of drugs for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis :-

As we mentioned earlier that there is no treatments will tell you from the roughness of the knee but it will get you out of pain and with the knowledge that these drugs be used under medical supervision as some medicines prescribed by the doctor are:

  • Medications to relieve pain and swelling from the roughness of the knee such as medicinal creams and ointments that are used as painkillers.
  • Anti-inflammatory : which is described to prevent suffering from knee osteoarthritis is expected but no serious side effects on patients with high blood pressure elderly and and other so we recommend not to use non-medical supervision.

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Surgical intervention for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis :-

May some resort to surgical operations because of their inability to withstand the pain and I have to adapt to the disease and surgical be as follows :

  • First surgery is in the knee using an endoscope and this kind of surgery is a favorite for young people who just haven’t had the fortieth.
  • Secondly is surgery to remove part of the bone to try to ease the friction that occurs when you move your knee between the bones.
  • Third surgery the most difficult is the knee replacement joint industry and after that becomes damaged is replaced again, and so on.

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Treatment of the roughness of the knee the natural ways :-

A lot of the interests of the roughness of the knee to natural solutions being inadequate and already the pain and swelling from the roughness of the knee and other harmful and some natural ways that is used for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis include the following :

Treatment of knee osteoarthritis with olive oil :-

  • Olive oil beneficial oils and is used in most prescriptions for its benefits many.
  • Fitch heating olive oil with oil of sandalwood, rosemary and massage their knee three times a day, this helps much on reducing the inflammation and pain that result from knee osteoarthritis, as it helps also in the process of softening the knee joint.

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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis herbal :-

There are some herbs which help you to get rid of the pain resulting from the roughness of the knee where it is boiled these herbs and their honey and eat this herbs such as :

  • Anise.
  • Mint.
  • Lemon.
  • Chamomile.

Treatment of knee osteoarthritis cupping :-

  • Cupping is generally a useful way to help human get rid of body toxins and harmful and stimulate blood circulation.
  • A lot of therapists cupping and used the stone already confirmed it helped them in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis by stimulating the body to produce a liquid line that is between the knee joint and reduces process friction between bones in the knee, thus the patient can Movement with ease.

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Tips for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis :-

  • A healthy diet to maintain weight and lose weight, and reduce the burden on the knee.
  • The practice of sports, especially sports that will strengthen the muscles of the thighs.
  • Use cold and hot compresses will relieve the pain.
  • Exercise in water to relieve the pain and tension resulting from the roughness of the knee.

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Dear leaders, we hope that we may have given you clarification and special for all information regarding the treatment of knee osteoarthritis in the medical household, we are ready to receive your comments and inquiries and quickly respond to them

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