Method of removal orthodontic

طريقة إزالة تقويم الأسنان

طريقة إزالة تقويم الأسنان

The orthodontics of the most important methods of treatment to get the teeth of the organization in order to obtain a brilliant smile, if you use this technique and want to learn a way to remove the orthodontic fee through the lender for your questions.

What you should know before removal of the orthodontic

There is some information that you should know before figuring out a way to remove the braces, and the most important of these information:

Find out today which will remove the calendar in which

It is important to be sure of the material that will be removed your braces in, so you can prepare yourself, will the orthodontist in advance of your visit.

Possible to postpone the day will be the calendar

Although the orthodontist may tell you, you will remove your braces on your next visit, only that there is a possibility when you arrive to inform you that we must postpone the removal process, it is likely to be your teeth may move unexpectedly, or maybe not enough and demand more time, past or two weeks can make a big difference in the final result. If this happens, don’t feel discouraged severe, wait to get the best result.

Maintain cleanliness of the teeth

Throughout the period that you are wearing the braces, you must maintain a high level of health your teeth, don’t even cause be gear teeth that cause the yellowing of teeth.

Understanding the way to remove orthodontic

The time it will take the process of removing the calendar

There is no specific time for how long will the process of removing your calendar, there’s one thing you can be sure of, which is that it will be much faster than it was when installing the braces, and expected to be there for about an hour until take off all the Struts found in the calendar. The removal of the stent can take just a few minutes, and then removed there is more work to be undertaken by the orthodontist.

Understanding how to take off the calendar

To remove your calendar, will be used orthodontist special pliers to gently squeeze on each pillar, and is often unscrew the Struts once. And if I heard some sounds distortions or weird sounds other, I know only that this is perfectly normal. Will be some pressure when you remove the brackets or straps, but without the pain or can feel a little pain.

Be prepared for some report

After removing the calendar, it will leave some glue residue or some other material on your teeth, and in general, should not take this cleaning more than five minutes as the amount of glue on your teeth. You might feel a little sensitivity during this process.

Stop to arrange the template to protect your teeth after the braces are removed

طريقة إزالة تقويم الأسنان

طريقة إزالة تقويم الأسنان

After take off the clamps and clean your teeth of excess glue, is likely to begin the orthodontist in the work of the template to maintain your teeth’s new, and needs of all persons who have more than they say, their teeth almost to the wear law. The says orthodontist making your own boat by almost a week from the day of removal of your braces, or maybe doing it after a week.

Some tips to be followed after the removal of orthodontic

After figuring out a way to remove the braces you have to follow the following :

  • Talk with your doctor about which foods you should eat and foods that should be avoided, because the tooth enamel is exposed newly hypersensitive to drought, and you have to wait for at least a month before any whitening treatments.
  • Talk to your dentist to tell you a safe way to bleach, to get rid of stains on your teeth, there are many ways to whiten teeth including some home remedies that do not use chemicals.
  • Let your teeth some time for healing, and to the orthodontist Your about how to care for your teeth after the braces are removed. The more you follow the instructions orthodontics correctly, if your teeth are better off, managed to get rid of mold of your teeth also.

You will need to visit the orthodontist regularly as soon as you remove your braces and you wear your next, so try to your teeth their new position, they will say your doctor examine your teeth to make sure its survival in the event of a medical sound, and to make sure that your smile is wonderful, and you follow up with your doctor for a few weeks after removal of your braces, and if you have a question you can consult one of our doctors here.

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