Medicine Seroxat tablets for the treatment of depression and many psychological problems

The elements of the decision

We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the drug Seroxat, this medicine is considered one of the most famous drugs that act on the treatment of depression in addition to that he has the ability to cure many psychological problems, but it is worth to note that Cyrus is completely forbidden to use it automatically but you should consult a doctor because there are studies that prove that in certain cases, may think the patient is suicidal and therefore the doctor decide if the patient can use the drug or not, and the property to the family of inhibitors recovery site collaborators selectivity, These depressants to increase the rate of site collaborators within the nervous system and this hormone leads to improve mood and remove depression, therefore it is considered one of the stronger medicines that can be used for the treatment of depression, and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore reasons for the use of the drug Seroxat and what are its side effects and other important information, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

سيروكسات فعال لعلاج العديد من المشاكل النفسيةSeeks effective treatment for many psychological problems


There are a range of cases which can use Cyrus with it, and these cases are as follows :

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1 – works seeks to treat cases of depression plus different types of panic disorders.
2 – can the use of medication for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as disorder treatment of social phobia.
3 – working day also to cure anxiety disorder free.
4 – Cyrus also has the ability to treat stress disorder as well as disorders of the spam that causes the menstruation in women.

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Symptoms side

There are a range of side effects that may appear on the patient who uses tablets Cyrus, these widths are as follows :

1. feeling sick and land in addition to dry mouth.
2 – feeling headache and general weakness in the body addition to constipation or diarrhoea.
3 – a disorder in sexual relationship is a distinct disorder of ejaculation.
4 – Parkinson’s disease and the inability to Vision Plus decrease the appetite.
5. high heart rate and feeling nervous in addition to high blood pressure.
6. feeling pain in the joints and high in weight with the government.

سيروكسات قد يجعل المريض يفكر في الانتحارCyrus might make the patient think of suicide


There are a range of cases that prevents the use of Cyrus, these cases are as follows :

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1 – completely prevents the use of the drug in the case of an allergic reaction to the active substance or any component of the medication.
2 – prevents the use of the property to the side of the inhibitor dioxide-style omnidirectional secretary, in the case of the use of inhibitors oxide-style omnidirectional secretary must at least 14 days before the use of Cyrus.
3 – do not use the medication in conjunction with treatment best ( one of the medicines antipsychotic ) or with ( therein ).

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As we mentioned Van drug Seroxat may make a person considering suicide therefore there is no specific dosage for the patient, but the doctor will determine the appropriate dosage according to the situation, and use this medication with or without food but preferably used after food in the case of a disorder in the stomach, and in the case of the suffering of the earth can be used early in the morning, up to get the right amount of fluids unless the doctor has asked not to frequent them.

Results show that the drug after its use a week two or three it is very important not to exposure to the sun because this day increases the likelihood of the occurrence of sunburn, and can completely stop using the medicine suddenly without consulting a doctor.

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يتوفر في 3 تركيزات مختلفةAvailable in 3 different concentrations


There are three different concentrations of pills seeks is as follows :

1 – Cyrus the tablets package of 30 CD concentration of 20 mg web price of 74.25 pounds.
2 – seeks C-R-tablets and 30 tablets concentrations of 12.5 mg web price of 90 pounds.
3 – seeks C-R-tablets and 30 tablets concentrations of 25 mg web price is 120 Egyptian pounds.

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We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy information from pill seeks to treat depression plus many of the psychological problems, as we’ve made clear of its side effects and its use in addition to the sites use it, as we mentioned, this day makes there is a tendency to suicide, in some cases, it is therefore very important to monitor the patient and consult the doctor in case of anything abnormal ………… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and wait for more themes associated with various information about medicines through the the site pharmacy.

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