Medicine Proctor Prostanorm for the treatment of prostate


You can now through the website Idea Guide medication know about all medication Proctor Prostanorm for the treatment of prostate, Proctor is capsules contain a natural ingredient used to treat the prostate, soothe the pain resulting from the inflammation of the prostate and enlarged it.

What is Proctor

  • Proctor is capsules contain herbs natural treat inflammation of the prostate.
  • Help the patient get rid of pain associated with the inflammation and relieve the burning sensation of urine and eliminate the enlarged prostate.
  • Think Proctor capsules of great interest where they are considered a dietary supplement because it contains many vitamins and minerals like zinc-to sum up berries, both the Saw Palmetto and other important elements of the body.

Reasons for the use of Proctor

  • Used to treat inflammation or congestion of the prostate.
  • To improve the functions of prostate and its return to normal.
  • Analgesia and relieve pain resulting from inflammation of the prostate.
  • Treatment of frequent urination and relieve the burning sensation of urine associated with inflammation of the prostate.
  • To prevent inflation, which may result in inflammation of the prostate.

The proper dosage capsules Proctor

  • You should consult your physician to know the appropriate dosage for the patient’s condition.
  • The allowed dose is 1-2 capsule daily.
  • Prefer to take a capsule Proctor during the intake of most.
  • Preferred when the capsule is swallowed drink large amount of water.

The two side effect Proctor

  • Side effects that may cause by the proctor rare and unusual because of the materials and components of the normal.
  • The patient may feel some pain and unrest in the stomach.
  • The patient’s desire to enter the campaign and donate heavily.
  • Said urine flowing from the patient during urination.

You may feel some deprivation in the urine during urination.

Sites to use and the necessary precautions for reasons of Proctor

  • Taking medication before the patient should process the tests and analysis necessary to make sure his condition before taking the medicine.
  • Should the patient take the drug after consulting a physician.
  • After the start of treatment must be the patient of tests regularly to ensure the response to treatment.
  • If you don’t the patient to feel better shortly after he began the medication you should see a doctor for his condition.
  • Make sure the lack of sensitivity of the patient from any component of the medication.
  • Do not use in children or women or the elderly, except in cases of extreme necessity and after the approval of the competent doctor.
  • Prevents the need, or the nursing intake.
  • Strictly prohibited alcohol intake during the treatment period.
  • Don’t eat to prevent health problems in the heart or the kidney or the liver.

Way to save capsules Proctor

Store the medicine at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C
Keep out of the reach of children.

What is the price of capsules Proctor

Capsules Proctor available in pharmacies package contains 30 capsules and the price of the package is 36 pounds.

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