Medicine coughing children and their causes, symptoms

The elements of the decision

No longer cough in children and adults in symptoms associated with for many diseases, in the sense that it is not a disease but it is susceptible to, and project types, including: coughing light and do not represent a problem for the child, may be so serious that affect his life. So now we know 5 types of them do not consult a specialist doctor immediately.

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الكحة عند الاطفالCough in children

First – a cough accompanied by:

This kind of the most dangerous types of cough that should never be tolerated, appear when the baby sleeps properly and wakes from sleep after an hour or two, and his mother can’t compete with the presence of (purely) in the voice of the child.

Causes coughing accompanied by:

There are several causes of infection, including: infection sore virus in vocal cords, leading to difficulty in breathing, especially during inhalation increased the incidence of this type of lmo in the month of October to march of each year, and in children aged 6 months to 3 years, and cough in the daytime and increased during the night, has been accompanied by a cold.

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The necessary procedures in dealing with child source:

Exposure of the child migration abroad even inhale pure oxygen, inhaling water vapor when you open the tap for about 20/30 minutes, then go immediately to a doctor competent to deal with the situation and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Secondly: cough accompanied with phlegm :


Happen in this kind of cough voice cough the strange appearance of flu symptoms such as runny nose late Zakat, and loss of appetite.

Causes of cough accompanied with sputum:

Produce the incidence of this kind as a result of infection with the inns monsoon which lasts for a week to two weeks, and the number of times a child’s injury from 6/10 times during the year especially in winter and autumn.

How to cope in this situation?

Is recommended to bore the warm, heavily with rest and non-use of antibiotics because the injury is the result of a viral infection and does not inherit it, and if the temperature takes an antipyretic suitable to the child’s age according to the guidance of your physician.

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Third: the coughing associated with asthma PDF :


Determines the the the in the chest of the child and cough dry and during the night as a result of overexertion in the state of the bronchi.

The causes of cough associated with asthma PDF:

Show coughing as a result of exposure to irritants for the aerodynamic stream of cold air, and excess.

How to deal with this situation:

The doctor writes medication to the child for bronchial asthma used continuously, and if tired, the baby was unable to breath you should stop immediately to the hospital.

انواع الكحة واسبابهاTypes of cough and its

Fourth : cough associated with colds :


Occur as a result of injury to the child caught a cold and shows the areas in the chest, difficulty in breathing, inability to breastfeed and the child becomes more nervous.

Causes of cough:

Inflammation of the bronchi one of the types of viruses RS in, in the winter with irritation in bronchi.

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How to deal with the child source:

If the child is an infant and cannot breastfeed must be booked at the hospital to take the lotions and oxygen, and in this case the child does not need to antibiotics and cortisone.

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علاج الكحة الناشفة Treatment cough dry

Fifth: the cough associated with pneumonia:

One of the most serious types of coughing as a result of a common cold the appearance of difficulty in breathing and a normal breathing rate.


As a result of infection by microbes or viruses.

How to deal with the situation:

You should go to a therapist to get the child proper treatment both to microbial infections or viral.

To assess the symptoms you should give the child warm fluids frequently.

The child may need for a session of steam.

We tried to help every mother dealing with her child alcohol especially for infants, through the information of this article about coughing kids, we offered kinds of cough and symptoms along with their causes and how to deal with each type, and natural recipes of the compensation air, oxygen, and warm drinks and a break, and we wish the misery of everyone and call them from every disease.

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