Medications sensitivity of the chest.. What are the best options?

ادوية حساسية الصدر

ادوية حساسية الصدر

Do you suffer from sensitivity of the chest and the appearance of symptoms when inhaling allergens huh? Know with us on the medications sensitivity of the chest appropriate to get rid of these symptoms, continue with us dear reader the following article to know the causes and symptoms of asthma, and appropriate medication.

The sensitivity of the chest

The immune system works to protect you from pathogenic bacteria and viruses, when you with allergies , the part of the immune system working excessively until it attacks harmless substances in your nose, your lungs and your eyes and your skin.

When he meets the body to the allergens it creates antibodies to cause the release of chemicals like histamine, which lead to swelling and inflammation, leading to allergy symptoms.

So when you sensitivity of the chest will be the airway have more sensitivity to certain substances, so sold the immune system in reaction towards it, which leads to tightening of the muscles around the bronchial tubes, become inflamed with the passage of time are filled with mucus, which requires the use of medications sensitivity of the chest.

Allergic symptoms chest

Can suffer from some symptoms that require treatment using medications sensitivity of the chest, symptoms include the following:

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Medications sensitivity of the chest

Can use some medications sensitivity of the chest improve the symptoms, but better not to use any drugs without consulting a doctor, to ensure that you any side effects, some options include:

If you don’t help of these treatments you should speak with a doctor at the earliest, as it may prescribe strong doses of allergy. There are some remedies which are used to prescription, such as:

  • Inhaled steroids that fight inflammation.
  • Bronchodilators that open the airway.
  • Injection of medication to see.
  • Anticholinergic drugs long-acting is like a drug tiotropium bromide.

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Reasons for breast sensitivity

ادوية حساسية الصدر

The image shows the difference between the stream of natural air blockage in the allergic condition of the chest

There are many allergens that enter the lungs, causing asthma, which requires the commission to medications sensitivity of the chest include:

  • Pollen from trees, grass and weeds.
  • The mold spores.
  • Dander and saliva of animals.
  • Dust fumes.
  • Some perfumes and colognes force.
  • Cold air.
  • Exercise in the cold air.
  • Tobacco smoke, candles or incense.

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Tips for the Prevention of allergic chest

You must follow some instructions and tips coupled with the use of medications sensitivity of the chest, to avoid the incidence of this problem or its development, include:

  • Use air conditioner with filter when it’s hot.
  • Avoid dust and dust.
  • Not to get out of the house when pollen levels are high, and when doing gardening work.
  • Control indoor humidity, use a dehumidifier if the humidity is higher than 40%, to avoid the use of medications sensitivity of the chest.
  • Not to deal with your pet in the case of confirmation of your sensitive chest.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the kitchen and bathroom, and keep them dry to prevent mold and cockroaches.

In the end, dear reader, that you know the medications sensitivity of the chest occasion, if you have any further queries do not hesitate to consult one of our doctors here.

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