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Medication within Pethidine is a painkiller, such as morphine, which is one of the signs of opiates or narcotic drugs, be in the form of tablets and injection, are used only inside hospitals medical to relieve the pain of birth during and after the surgical procedure, and sometimes are given pethidine Pethidine in the preparatory phase for surgical procedures, although the effect is fast but may continue for a short time compared to NSAIDs other, so it is given within Pethidine during the birth process on several specific time periods, this figure is reduced to its effect on the fetus or the child.

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 2

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 2

What is a medication within Pethidine for?

The use of the drug

Uses medication within Pethidine in the alleviation of the pain of childbirth in the surgical operations.

The scientific name

The scientific name for reasons of being Pethidine is Mardin.

Classification pharmacological

Make the drug within the opioid analgesics.

Category pharmaceutical

Equivalent within Pethidine class of neurological diseases

Way to save the drug

Saves Pethidine within a sealed container, in a safe place away from heat and light.

Way of action of the drug

Medication within Pethidine is a medicinal drug works through inhibition of pain receptors of the central nervous system in the body, and Pethidine may cause a state of addiction in the case of use in large doses or for a long time.

Figure pharmacological

The medicine is available in the form of tablets 50 mg and 100 mg, solution for injection concentrations of 50 mg/ml, 100 mg/mL.

What are the reasons for the use of medication within Pethidine for?

The drug is used in medical purposes following, namely:

  • Uses medication within Pethidine in the treatment of pain moderate to severe.
  • Used within Pethidine is used as adjunctive therapy in cases of anesthetic that precedes the surgery growing.
  • The medication may significantly help in lessening pain and nervous system.

What are the contraindications to use medication within Pethidine for?

There are some cases prevents the use of medication to preserve the health, namely :

  • Prevents the use within Pethidine with asthma patients.
  • The drug is safe for use with patients with obstruction of the cystic duct.
  • Can’t use the medication, with thyroid patients.
  • Being Pethidine prevents its use with patients with high blood pressure.
  • The drug may be harmful With of suffering from a muscle.
  • During pregnancy Pethidine may affect the fetus and the deal also, but so far have not substantiated them.
  • Been no can use it with with with allergies towards one of its components.
  • Pethidine may occur health problems in case of blockage of the duct.
  • You should stop taking the Pethidine in the case of appearance of any side effects.

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 3

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 3

What are the precautions the use of medication within Pethidine for?

There are some precautions to be observed during medication intake to prevent some health problems for you, including:

  • Pregnancy: in pregnancy can not take medicine before the start of the process of labor, especially in the case of not knowing you the drug is safe in this period of lack of it, and often the drug is given during childbirth to ease the pain, and caution in the use of private because it may cause shortness of breath when the child, this risk is related to the size of the meal and the duration of treatment of the child.
  • Feeding, in the case of feeding should be very careful, especially if being Pethidine may be transmitted to your baby through the milk, so you should refer to the doctor for a consultation before taking the medication.
  • Infants and children: dosage should be reduced in the case of children and young suitability of the work and time.
  • The elderly, in the case of the elderly, there is a probability in the appearance of side effects from the use of the medication, so you should reduce the dose of medication taken.
  • In the case of the use of the drug in the surgical operations, you must inform the surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  • You should tell your doctor in case of any infection diseases, such as problem in the abdomen or cross-references in the gallbladder disease or depression, or injury by landing in the nervous system, or injury to the head or brain, or the addiction of the previous alcohol.
  • You should tell your doctor in case of suffering from any liver diseases or obesity, or an enlarged prostate or problems with urination or respiratory diseases such as asthma, or liver or kidney disease.
  • Can cause medication within Pethidine addiction myself or my body the treatment, and difficult to give up, so be careful when using it, and may not be dispensing medication without consulting a doctor and specific.
  • Must adhere to the injured doctor specific not to raise her on your own.
  • Being Pethidine no effect on the simplified central nervous system.
  • May affect physical activity or a mental patient, this must be greater caution when engaging in any activity or task request focused too much now … such as driving cars or operating large machinery.
  • You should not take medicines inhibitors of the nervous system to the other during the treatment period.
  • You should not take any alcohol during treatment to prevent the occurrence of harmful effects.
  • Before the start of the period of treatment you should tell your doctor all medications that are dealt with during the period of treatment whether herbal or possible transfers of food or medicine to prevent interactions prescription between medications and each other.
  • Should the definition of a doctor before taking the dose of any health ailments suffered before the start of the period of your treatment.

What is the dose of drug being Pethidine for children and adults?

  • Method of implementation: within Pethidine is an injection .
  • Number of doses : a dose of 3 to 4 hours, according to the needs of the patient.
  • Medication dose: adults from 15 – 150 in each meal, a loss of 0٫5 – 2 mg at each meal.
  • The beginning of effectiveness of the drug: start with the effectiveness of Pethidine by injection within 15 minutes.
  • The duration of effectiveness of the drug: the effectiveness of being Pethidine from 2 – 4 hours.
  • Forgotten dosage : in case you forget the dose of Pethidine is not there problem, must be addressed only when needed.
  • Stopping the medication: if the medication being Pethidine in pain relief can stop taking it safely, if not there is a need to use it.
  • Overdose: in case overdose of the medicine being Pethidine should immediately go to the nearest hospital for treatment, and the appearance of symptoms such as muscle spasms and nervousness, with the shortness of the respiratory tract, and loss of consciousness.

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 4

دواء بيثيدين Pethidine | دواعي الاستعمال والأعراض الجانبية 4

What damage medication within Pethidine for?

May show some side effects resulting from the use of the medication within Pethidine such as medicines, medical and other, of which:

  • You may feel some cases the need of loss of appetite for food.
  • Some cases may http need to of dry mouth.
  • You may learn some cases for severe headaches.
  • You may feel some cases the right in the skin.
  • Some cases may suffer from vertigo and unbalance in the body.
  • Some of the cases of difficulty in urination.
  • Some cases, you may encounter a decline in sexual desire.

Now, dear reader, may you know all the details of the medication being Pethidine .. remember do not take this medication without consulting your doctor.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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