Medication shall Novaldol painkiller and antipyretic


You can now through the website the idea of Manual Medicine learn all about Bulletin of the medication shall Novaldol , the novel uses as a sedative and antipyretic.

So, because I have paracetamol which works to prevent the production of prostaglandin which may cause increased inflammation of the body and then is reduced body temperature.

Safe for use during the period of the corona.

Reasons for the use of the capsules shall

  • Used as a pain killer such as pain resulting from migraines and severe headaches associated with colds.
  • Used in soothing menstrual pain in women and pain of the spine down the back.
  • Used to treat and relieve pain throat, colds.
  • Used in the treatment of fever and reduce the temperature associated with which may be associated with colds.
  • Used to reduce the temperature associated with the children which will be accompanying for some vaccinations.
  • Used in the treatment of inflammation of the joints and rheumatism.

The appropriate dosage for the capsules shall

  • You should consult your physician to know the appropriate dosage for the patient’s condition.
  • Bear the allowed dose of medication shall at the rate of one capsule every six hours and not more than four capsules per day for people over the age of 12 years.
  • Preferred when the capsule is swallowed drink large amount of water.

Side effects of a drug novel

  • Side effects of a medicine shall few and far in between and didn’t need his medication ingredients safe and natural.
  • May lead to infection and sensitive to medication and then a rash start wholesale and redness.
  • May lead to infection and bleeding when the dose is intense.
  • May lead to infection and kidney failure as a result of continuity in taking the medication.

Locations use of and requirements for a drug shall

  • The patient should work and analysis necessary before taking the medicine to make sure the state of his health and lack of sensitivity.
  • Gives eat for people who suffer from allergic reactions towards the drug or any of its components.
  • Prevents taking the drug for children who are under the age of 12 years .
  • Gives eat for people who suffer from failure in the functions of the liver without consulting your physician.
  • Gives eat for people who suffer from deficiencies in kidney function without consulting your physician.
  • Prevents eat it coincided with the drugs other don’t even interact with them.
  • Allowed to eat during pregnancy.
  • Allows downloaded during the period of lactation where it may be transmitted from Mother’s milk to the child but in very little quantity does not remember and does not pose a risk.

Way to save the capsules shall

Store the medicine at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C
Keep out of the reach of children.

The price of the capsules shall

Medication shall available at pharmacies package contains capsules concentration of 1000 mg at a price of 18 pounds for per hour.

The site Idea is entirely responsible for eating does refer directly to the doctor or pharmacist.

In case of any query or question about the medication, please add a comment from below the article through the website idea and we will reply in the nearest time.

نوفالدول Novaldol مسكن للألم وخافض للحرارة

Shall Novaldol painkiller and antipyretic

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