Medication price Bronchicum Syrup for the treatment of itching

Medication price Bronchicum Syrup is a syrup contains a number of natural products that are safe and used to treat the pain, itching, cough, contains thyme extract of the roots of Primrose plus antioxidants natural vitamin C. Vitamin B-6 .

The drug price Bronchicum Syrup basically on the expansion of trachea and improving the breathing process through the melting of phlegm frequent on the trachea and larynx as a result of infection with colds and flu which result to cough and associated sputum .

The price Bronchicum Syrup of the medicine safe that is used for children and older adults, both because their components is a natural extracts do not produce any serious side effects-as it doesn’t cause drowsiness such as medicine, cough other .


Indications usage drug price Bronchicum Syrup :

  • Effective treatment of cough of all kinds of different whether cough is dry or associated with sputum .
  • Effective treatment of inflammatory Intermediate People his and acute his .
  • Used to treat asthma have little adults .
  • Effective antibiotic bacterial microbes .
  • Treat coughing resulting from injury to the inflammation of the sinuses the staff .
  • Treatment of blockage of the trachea .
  • Alleviate the pain of the throat and larynx .

The dosage required of the drug price Bronchicum Syrup :

  • The doctor will determine the dose and duration of treatment based on the patient’s age and health status .
  • Dosage routine for the kids : hang a small three times daily .
  • Dosage the usual adult : mentor big three times a day .

Guidance to use for print Bronchicum Syrup :

  • You must shake the bottle well before use .
  • Must not be less than the period between each dose and the other about four hours .
  • You should not stop medication without consulting the doctor even when you feel better .
  • You should not repeat the medication without consulting your physician or pharmacist .

Sites to use for print Bronchicum Syrup:

  • Not used in case of injury sensitivity to active substances where the components of the drug .
  • Not used for children less than a year of babies .
  • Not be used during pregnancy to maintain the health of the fetus .
  • Used with caution and under medical supervision when feeding him .
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Side effects drug price Bronchicum Syrup :

The longer the price of Medicine safe medicine and does not cause serious side effects in accordance not prove his research and laboratory experiments and to it there are some side effects of light that soon married, namely :

  • Feeling tired, fatigue general .
  • Of injury light-headed, dizziness intermittently .
  • Injury headache and discomfort .

Methods of preservation and storage for reasons of price Bronchicum Syrup :

  • Store at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius .
  • Keep out of direct sunlight .
  • Keep out of high humidity .
  • Keep out of reach of the hands of kids .
  • Don’t be frozen containers during use and storage .
  • You must get rid of the bottles at the expiry time .

Price medication price Bronchicum Syrup and its manufacturer :

  • Is the manufacture of packaging containers price 100 ml I have a company one avenue photo Pharmaceutical Industries with the permission of the German company owning the drug .
  • The medicine is distributed as aesthetics different governorates of the Republic with the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of Health .
  • The price of the package within the Arab Republic of Egypt 30 Egyptian pounds .

The site Idea is entirely responsible for taking the medicine without referring directly to the doctor or pharmacist.

In case of any query or question about the medication, please add a comment from below the article through the website idea and we will reply in the nearest time.

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