Medication Olanzapine tablets for the treatment of schizophrenia and manic-depressive

The elements of the decision

Medication Olanzapine is a medication anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia, it is of the drugs that are used to treat mental illness and depression are available in the markets of the names of many commercial.

Olanzapine medication does not cause damage to RBCs and causes fewer side effects compared to medicines and other oil it is used in cases of failure of treatment with other antipsychotic.

Dose drug Olanzapine and method of use

– Medication Olanzapine should be used under the supervision of a physician.
– The drug is available in the form of soluble tablets by mouth or injection into a muscle.
– The doctor sets the dose of the drug accurately and varies from patient to patient according to the condition of his health.
– Dosage range for adults is between 10 use once a day .
– The dose is increased to 10 a day in some cases to be the maximum dose of 20 mg daily.
– The dose should be adjusted for the elderly to half the cost of dosage strength of 10 mg daily.
– Preferred the continuation of treatment for at least one year in the case of C\the occurrence of any setbacks you should review the dose and increase.
– It is preferable to take the dose in the evening.
– Lasts the effect of drug up to 24 hours of intake of dosage.
– Needs medication a period ranging between three and four weeks until the patient feels better.
– The drug can be taken before or after eating.
– In case you forget the dose must be addressed immediately remember provided do not double the dose.
– You should refer to the doctor before you stop taking the drug where it must be done gradually.
– You must inform your doctor in case of overdose by mistake.

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دواء اولانزابين للأمراض النفسية والهوس والاكتئاب والفصامMedication Olanzapine psychiatric manic depression and schizophrenia

Side effects

Can cause medication Olanzapine some side effects that should be reported to a doctor immediately, are :

– A feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.
– Increase in weight.
– Insomnia and sleep disorder.
– Lack of poise and disorders in motion.
– Nausea and vomiting.
– Disorders of appetite.
– Sexual dysfunction.
– Falling and low blood pressure.
– Dry mouth and throat.
– Disorders of mind.
– High temperature.
– To evaluate the side effects of the recommended comfort and relaxation and reduce the effort especially during the initial period of treatment.

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دواء اولانزابين لعلاج الفصام وللاكتئابMedication Olanzapine treat schizophrenia once

Contraindications and precautions to use

Gives this medication in certain pathological conditions and needs the attention of some of the warnings and precautions, including:

– Do not use this drug for heart patients myocardial infarction is a heart attack earlier.
– Used with caution for patients with kidney failure kidney.
– Not used for patients with Alzheimer’s.
– Not used for patients with liver failure.
– Used with caution for patients with eye glaucoma.
– Uses for the elderly under the supervision of a physician.
– Used with caution for patients with low blood pressure.
– Used with caution to patients with prostate disorders.
– Used with caution in cases of disturbance in sodium and potassium.
– Do not use in conjunction with opiate pain killers, allergy medications and medications high blood pressure.
– You should stop taking alcoholic beverages during the treatment period.
– Do not be used in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years.
– You must inform the surgeon in case of embarking on surgery during treatment with this medication.

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دواء اولانزابين لعلاج الاكتئاب والفصام والهوسMedication Olanzapine for the treatment of depression, schizophrenia and mania

Use during pregnancy and lactation

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– You should consult a doctor in case of pregnancy or planning a pregnancy when treatment with olanzapine because it can cause damage to the fetus.
– There are no studies concerning the safety of this medication during breastfeeding period, you should consult a doctor first.

Driving and operating machinery, sharp

You must stop driving and the work that you need to focus because the medication causes a lack of poise and vision loss of ability to focus, and can return the patient to his normal life after the cessation of treatment or disappearance of symptoms.

Preservation and storage

– Store the medicine away from the reach of the hands of children.
– Stimulates the drug at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.
– Store the medicine away from direct sunlight, humidity and heat.
– Must take medication during the validity date of the debtor on the package and disposed of securely in case of expiration.

Uses medication Olanzapine in the treatment of mental illness and manic depression, schizophrenia, where the relaxation and tranquility of the patient, but he needs to commit to the instructions of the doctor and take it regularly until the patient feels better with no sudden stop from the treatment, so it’s no setbacks.

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