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Medication morphine morphine is used since the nineteenth century, where he belongs, drugs painkillers and drugs, which are derivatives of opium which is extracted from the capsule immature seed of the poppy plant, which works on analgesia severe pain resulting from injuries as well as heart attacks and surgeries, as well as chronic diseases such as cancer, as can use morphine morphine as a treatment before conducting any surgery where it reduces the level of anxiety and alertness in the patient.

What is the drug morphine morphine is?

مورفينmorphine, one of the drugs that are used as a treatment for analgesic for severe pains that are caused by surgical operations or even some infections and diseases severe chronic including cancer and various tumors.

دواء مورفين

دواء مورفين

Classification pharmacological

Make medication Provins as painkillers in.

Category pharmaceutical

Morphine morphine from the category of treatment of mental illness.

How to exchange the medication

You must exchange the drug based on the description by a specialist.

Way to save and store the medication

Is keeping the drug at a temperature of 20 to 25 ° C, and keep away from heat and light.

What are the forms of the pharmaceutical drug morphine morphine is?

Figure pharmacological : stop morphine on the body

  1. Tablets at doses of 15 A and 30 a.
  2. Tablets and capsules with the effect of compliance and dosage to, the 15 A and 20 A, and 30 A, and 45 A and 50 a, 60 A and 100 A, and 200 a.
  3. Solution injection concentrations of 0.5 mg/ml, 1 mg/mL, 4 mg/mL, 8 mg/ml, 10 mg/mL, 25 mg/ml, 50 mg/mL.
  4. There is also the form of rectal suppositories, the dose to 5 mg, and 20 mg, and 30 mg.
  5. The medicine is available also on the body syrup concentrations of 10 mg/5 ml, 20 mg 5 ml, 100 mg/5 ml.

دواء مورفين

دواء مورفين

What are the reasons for the use of the drug morphine morphine is?

The drug is used in the treatment of many cases, as follows:

  • Is the use of medication in the treatment of pain and even severe.
  • Lives medication acute pain or even chronic pains that accompany myocardial ischemia..
  • The drug helps to relieve the dyspnea that accompanies some of the diseases and problems of the heart or lung.

What are the side effects of the drug morphine morphine is?

There are some side effects and damage that can appear as a result of taking medication morphine morphine and may be long-term or short, drive appear after taking the drug or during and sometimes be very dangerous so you should take this into account, and this damage is what comes up:

  • Abnormal movement in the abdominal muscles.
  • Feeling the drought in the mouth.
  • Injury to fulfil the intestinal nausea and vomiting with cramps and constipation.
  • Hallucinations as well as delirium dizziness.
  • Accreditation physical.
  • May occur changes in the skin, such as facial redness and sensitivity.
  • It may happen feeling the sensation of warmth.
  • Can the transmission of viruses that cause HIV-like infections of the liver and AIDS prevention achieves this medication.
  • There is a desire to addiction with severe psychological barriers.

What are the dosage of morphine morphine children and adults?

Number of doses: the doses of the medication every 4 or 12 hours depending on the type of medication.

The dose of medication is morphine morphine

  1. Dose medication morphine. morphine adult: 5 to 25 mg per dose.
  2. Some of the disease the dose can be increased to 75 A or more as needed.
  3. The concentration of each dose varies from one case to another.
  4. For cases that suffer from chronic pain severe the result of one of malignant diseases that can consume hundreds of Milli Mejlis grams in a single dose without affecting them.

The beginning of the effectiveness of the medication morphine. morphine

  1. The drive: begin the event by one hour.
  2. Injection intravenous: start up failed within minutes limited.

The duration of the effectiveness of the medication morphine. morphine

  1. 4 hours and start the event.
  2. 12 hours in the drive at all sustainable.

دواء مورفين

دواء مورفين

Forgotten dosage: in case you forget the dose of the drug must be approached immediately when the ticket, and pick up the usual schedule soon.

Stopping the drug: if you stop the symptoms when cases, you must inform your doctor know the timing to stop the drug.

Overdose: in case overdose of the medicine morphine morphine, you must go to the emergency nearest hospital to treat the condition and effects resulting from taking the drug, and in case of appearance of any signs of breathing slow or irregular, or loss of consciousness, you must take action emergency at the nearest hospital for treatment.

Pregnancy: often don’t use the medication in pregnancy, unless there is an urgent need, even now are not conducting any research on an animal laboratory, but may result in shortness of breath when the baby, so you should consult a doctor first.

Lactation: during breast feeding may result the drug to the baby through breast milk and affects you, so you must stop taking the drug or not taking it during that period or to stop breast-feed the baby to keep him safe.

Children: you must reduce the dose of the drug in the case of children or infants depending on the condition of the child and its weight.

Elderly: there is a possibility for the emergence of some of the side effects as a result of eating by adults, can be done to reduce the dose according to the patient’s condition and age.

Trade name drug morphine morphine

Trade name for morphine : brand names the medication is morphine morphine injection, MIT, government of morphine tablets, chlorhydrate de morphine Rowena Dean, MSN t.Comte, morphine, morphine – Hami out, the morphine sulfate.

The benefits of the medication morphine. morphine

Are the benefits of a drug morphine, morphine in the following:

  • The medicine relieves pain resulting from heart attacks and was in severe pain in the chest or surrounding areas hand the left arm and neck also, with a feeling of headache, severe, with a state of stress and helps the morphine, to reduce these symptoms.
  • Of benefits possibility of use following a surgical procedure, especially with the removal of any member in the great body or its treatment, with the aim of reducing the pain resulting from it.
  • Can the use of morphine, in the treatment of injured in auto accidents at the accident site itself, but not treated areas of the head, where it can cause the low level of development.
  • Morphine morphine disks can be used in the treatment of severe coughing, or even with a view to alleviating cases of diarrhea severe.
  • Pills morphine morphine can be used in the treatment of pain rheumatoid in the parties.
  • Can be used to inject morphine, to calm the patient before performing any surgery, with injection of the spinal cord.
  • Uses medication patients with cancers in advanced stages, especially, and they feel severe pain when treatment.
  • Treated medicine pain of broken bones or joints of the body volvulus.
  • Can use medication in the treatment of kidney stones through the urinary, resulting in severe pain and also gives the lumbar region, where it relieves pain.

Damage drug morphine morphine on human

There is some damage resulting from the intake of these medicines, and may result in the end of the case or the person, can be hit certain diseases or even addiction taking these drugs and substance abuse, and such damage, as follows:

  1. Feeling the need of dizziness.
  2. Cases of exhaustion and fatigue.
  3. There is a desire to drowsiness significantly.
  4. Some disturbance in sleep, and insomnia.
  5. Shows violent behavior with neurological.
  6. The case of the loss of appetite towards foods.
  7. The occurrence of dryness in the mouth, the condition of feeling thirsty.

Dear reader, now you may know all the details belonging to the drug morphine..please note you should not take this medication without consulting your doctor for your safety.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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