Medication Gaviscon given to indications and and and side effects

The elements of the decision

We show you today through the website of the pharmacy is important information about medication even for pregnant women, the stand needs special care as it needs all the nutrients delegated to the committee within them, one of the most important things that you should pay attention to the drug is appropriate for pregnant, there are drugs harmful to pregnancy there are drugs appropriate, and responsible for the identification of these drugs is physician only, so before using any medication should consult a physician because there are some medicines may terminate pregnancy and harm to the health of the case, And we’ll talk today about a medication given which works a treat many digestive problems such as heartburn or dyspepsia, etc., and through the website of the pharmacy, we will explore how health medication given to treat and what are its side effects and reasons for its use, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that impair you like it.

جافيسكون للحاملEven for pregnant

Medication given to treat

The problem of heartburn or indigestion of the health problems that are plaguing a lot of pregnant women, as a result of the pressure of the fetus on the digestive system, it is possible to arrange the ratio of the hormone progesterone in the body during pregnancy, which leads to the relaxation of the muscles of the stomach and thus ascend sour gastro towards the esophagus and therefore feel the need freely in the stomach.

And in such a situation women are looking for for the medication treats these health problems and at the same time does not hurt her health or the health of her unborn child, is considered a medicine even from medicine safe for pregnant and does not cause any damage, as the medication given is not absorbed, but makes a barrier that prevents the acid gastric of difficulty into the esophagus.

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يعالج جافيسكون حرقة المعدةTreats even heartburn


There are a range of cases which can use the medication given to her, these cases are as follows :

  • Can the use of medication given for the treatment of GERD.
  • Can use given also in the case of the occurrence of bulging in the stomach or injury to her irritation.
  • The drug works as well to reduce the problems related to digest food that is heavy on the stomach.
  • The drug works not to leak juices sour that sense.
  • Treated also even gastric ulcers.

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There are a range of cases that prevents the use of the medication is given, these cases are as follows :

  • Completely prevents the use of the drug in case of allergy to the active substances or any component of the medication.
  • Do not use the medication in case of breathing problems.
  • The drug is prohibited for those who suffer from blood pressure problems.

جافيسكون شرابEven a drink

Side effects

There are a range of side effects that you should be careful of them, and the symptoms are as follows :

  • May entail the use of even the appearance of puffiness in the face.
  • Could lead to use the medicine to the injury of tongue tumor as well as the lips.
  • Of the side effects of your medication turning skin color to become red.
  • May result in use of the drug to pain in the throat.
  • Can lead to use even to itchy skin.
  • Of the side effects of your medication also difficulty in breathing.

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The dose recommended varies between ( 2 – 4 ) tablets after eating and can be used before sleep, there is also given a drink and its use for children ( 5 – 10 ) ml for children between one to 12 years.

We introduced to you today through the website of the pharmacy important information about the medicine given and the extent of Health for pregnant women and is harmful to the pole or the fetus or not? Always women given suitable for pregnant and does not represent any harm, and we, too, on those cases in which the use of medication with them and the situations in which completely prevents the use of medication with it, and side effects that must be taken care of………………………………… We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction and look out for more topics associated with the appropriate for download through the site pharmacy.

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