Medication define fax two

Medication define fax twoPharmaceutical Group-oilAnti-depression and anxiety
Belongs to medicine to define a fax to a group of inhibitors of the retrieval of serotonin the light and even initiated one of the most important groups of antidepressantsBrand namesBrest your Pristiq

Two degrees Bedremine

Been Prismaven

Preteen Pristimood

Therapeutic uses1. Treatment of depression

2. Treatment of disease, fribromyalgia Fibromyalgia

3. Treatment of disorder general anxiety

4. Treatment of phobias ( fear ) social

5. Cure disorder panic

6. Relationship distress post-traumatic stress PTSD

7. Relationship distress more associated with extraordinary monthly

Mechanism of actionWorks medication define fax through the work of neurotransmitters serotoninove and dopamine, and which have been proven scientifically to reduce it when most of the patients with depression, anxiety, panic and anguish of post-traumatic phobias, social anxiety, and general, through;

1. Works to increase the material site collaborators through the inhibition or ”stop” action to retrieve serotonin is the simplification of the mechanism for retrieval of serotonin is the mechanism that gives a signal where is the manufacture of serotonin in the parties to the neurons when sending a signal they act to drive the cell ”processed” to give a signal that the proportion of serotonin in the spaces between nerve cells is high, so the inhibition of these mechanisms makes the nerve cells manufacturer site produce more and more.

2. The same mechanism works on the inhibition or “stop” action to retrieve the light, even leading to increased material light even

3. Leads to increased dopamine in the cerebral cortex to the temporal lobe anterior

Matthew shows the effect of the medication?Does not start the drug at work in the course, but often delayed to the last second week to continue on the medication until the last week of the fourth

If it doesn’t effect therapeutic within 6-8 weeks Legion an hour by increasing the dosage of the pharmaceutical

Duration of useThe goal of using medication is recovery full of symptoms and this goal is another important that is, to prevent interest or return of symptoms again.

So to continue on the medication until the symptoms disappear completely and then followed by a long period of Continue on medication to prevent the return of symptoms, so I appreciate the need to continue on medication for a long duration to prevent the return of symptoms

Have up this period to a full year or increase depending on the severity of the symptoms and history of patients and other factors determined by your physician


Side effects


Most side effects occur with high doses only temporarily


1. Insomnia

2. The tension in the first few days

3. May cause feeling sick.

4. Loss of appetite

5. Sweating

6. Constipation

7. Loss of libido

8. Reduction of the percentage of sodium in the blood, but it’s a side effect of my rare with cessation of the medication provides this effect

9. A rise in blood pressure with high doses

Start doses simple happens to many of these symptoms occur

Why limit the side effects?As we mentioned later, the medication sertraline depends mainly on raising the level of material set laws, but because of the increased proportion of set laws in place, an undesirable increase like receptors see the laws in the other parts of the body occurs figures when you some when you visit the site laws in the Centers responsible for controlling sleep.

As well as the height ratio of the stress areas resulting in increasing the effect of the material away Colin on receptors located in the bowel, which leads to the occurrence of each in the beginning of use

Any effect of treatment to increase the material set rules leads to the treatment of depression, anxiety and other indications of use mentioned above is accompanied by this increase, a further increase in the other places that

The increase is caused side effects

Fortunately these side effects appear quickly and quickly, while the delayed effect is therapeutic but it lasts

Does it cause increase in weight?Sea what’s happening but it’s a lot of those on medication Finn a fax has witnessed a slight decrease in weight .Does it cause addiction or pledge?NoDoes it cause sleepiness?Not cause drowsiness, it is recommended to be consumed at the beginning of the day as it gives the degree of activity .What to do if side effects?Most side effects only appear with high doses and does not appear with the dosing a little and even with high doses they disappear after several days

To overcome any of the medications that may cause insomnia at night so they are taking the drug at the beginning of the day

Also recommended to be consumed after eating to overcome the feeling of nausea that happens in the beginning of the use of his

It is expected to choose most of the side effects within days of taking it …. It is a safe and effective drug

There is no need to eat only if you continue to have side effects for weeks and then prefer to change the medication to another or the decision of the physician

The duration of action of the drug in the bodyDrug potency extended to the whole day so that the duration of the fair the focus up from 9 to 13 hours … so if you dose once a day would be sufficient.Figure pharmacologicalIs in the form of tablets, long-acting concentrations of 50 milligrams and 100 milligramsMethod of useDosage initial 50 milligrams once daily in the morning, after breakfast, and then raise the dose to 100 milligrams the economies need to increase the dose to 400 milligrams per day.Prolonged useSafe too

I don’t know about the harmful due to its prolonged use as it does not cause habituation or addiction

It is also safe to use on all organs of the body

Does it cause addictionNoA way to stop the medicationIt is advisable to stop the drug gradually to USA symptoms of stopping the medication that may occur such as sweating and feeling nauseous.

This is done by reducing the dose to 50 milligrams

So stop with the attention for the return of any symptoms which call the medication in the beginning.

If that happens (God forbid) is back for another dose

Interaction with other medications
  • Take a drug with medicines for depression other antihistamines such as depression inhibitors Maoist MAOIs, which leads to the increase of the concentration of the standards which requires dose adjustment reduce
  • Medication define fax with real raises the possibility of the famous for real
Contraindications to the use of medication to define fax twoWarns to use it only in limited ranges like

  • Patients taking inhibitors of the Maoist MAOI
  • Patients who suffer from glaucoma in the eye
Advantages of medication
Define fax two
  • More effective in patients who suffer nice with physical symptoms
  • Not effective excels on the group of inhibitors of the retrieval set laws a la carte.
  • The drug is effective as an antidote to depression, especially in depression when patients complain of laziness and lack of movement and loss of energy
  • The drug is effective in depression, gas style, when the patient complains of sleep for long periods and Kassala increase in appetite
  • Effective in depressed patients who suffer from physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue and permanent
Precautions important
  • Used with periodic follow-up severe for patients with pressure in the case of for advised to replaced it with another medicine
  • Used with conscious observation with patients taking antidepressants inhibitors Maoist MAOIs
  • Used with caution can my disorder affective (bouts of depression), taking installed the mood of the companion

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