Means anti-smoking

وسائل مكافحة التدخين

وسائل مكافحة التدخين

Is smoking more daily habits destructive of Health, which adversely impact on the individual and the community, so let’s get to know more about methods to combat smoking and how to get rid of this bad habit, which lead to infection with many diseases.

The dangers of smoking

Statistics from the World Health Organization noted that tobacco smoking leads to the rising number of deaths as well as injury a lot of diseases such as heart disease , lung disease, COPD, asthma, and strokes, and diabetes, diseases of the eye care optical, and more than 10 other types of cancer, including cancer of the colon , cervix, liver, stomach and pancreatic cancer and lung cancer, of course.

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Means anti-smoking

Surveillance and monitoring good

Good monitoring tracks the extent of spread of the tobacco epidemic and indicates how best to fight the spread of the phenomenon. The state of one of all 3 countries, which represent 38% of the world’s population, monitor tobacco use by repeating the questionnaire for young people and adults at least once every 5 years.

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Laws against passive smoking

There are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, known to be 250 of them at least are harmful and 69 at least are known to cause cancer. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand smoke.

In adults, smoking causes indirect serious diseases in the cardiovascular, respiratory, infants, it increases the risk of Infant Death Syndrome sudden death(sudden infant death syndrome). When pregnant women, it causes pregnancy complications and low birth weight. The laws that are trying to smoke health of non-smokers, they are common, and do not harm business and encourage smokers to quit smoking.

The Prohibition of tobacco advertising of media anti-smoking

Increase the promotion of tobacco and cigarettes from its use by the elderly, by promoting the new debtors, and also through discouraging tobacco users from quitting smoking.

A comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising and promotion can reduce the consumption of tobacco. It includes a comprehensive ban types of promotion direct and indirect.

The types promoting the initiative: such as announcements on TV, radio, print publications, Billboards, while models indirect: the expansion of the brand, distribution, free, discounts, prices and presentations of products to points of sale, and promotional activities.

The taxation of the means to combat smoking

Are tobacco taxes the most cost-effective way to reduce tobacco use, especially among youth and low-income people. Lead the tax increase that increases tobacco prices by 10% to reduce tobacco consumption by about 4% in high-income countries, about 5% in low and middle income countries.

Stop the illegal trade in tobacco products

Represents the illicit trade in tobacco products health risks, economic, and security challenges around the world. It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 cigarettes and tobacco products consumed worldwide are sold illegally. Is support the illegal market by different business, ranging from street vendors to small to organized criminal networks involved in arms and human trafficking.

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The role of the media in the fight against smoking

Public information campaigns to combat smoking, graphic health warnings, says the protection of children and other vulnerable groups from the absorption of tobacco and encouraging smokers to quit. Can media campaigns mass also to reduce the phenomenon of smoking by promoting the protection of non-smokers to convince people to stop using smoking.

Ways to quit various means of anti-smoking

And, of course, should be encouraged to quit smoking all the various means to which we know some of them:

  • Finding the reason for personal to quit smoking.
  • Be prepared before you quit smoking.
  • Replacement therapy they arethe Knicks two.
  • The use of medicines but under the supervision of a physician.
  • Get psychological support from your loved ones.
  • Finding new ways to relax.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages and other products.
  • Clean the area of all things related to cigarettes and tell them.

In the end, Dear Reader, we know more about the means of combating smoking and how to help get rid of that bad habit, and if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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