Mark the hole in his heart between the ventricles

علاج ثقب القلب بين البطينين

علاج ثقب القلب بين البطينين

A hole in the heart between the ventricles is a defect or hole in the muscular septum that separates the lower chambers to is known medically as ventricular septal defect, you know, with us in this article on ways to cure the hole in his heart between the ventricles.

Symptoms of ventricular septal defect

This type of vinegar is one of the most types of heart defects are common and is usually appears in children, there are various types in size of the holes in the heart, may close small defects without the need for any treatment and will not cause any effects in the long term or with age, but not fix defects that don’t close on its own through surgery.

In the case of small holes may not show any symptoms on the person or the child, but in the case of holes of relatively large may appear the following symptoms:

  • Difficult or rapid breathing
  • Pallor of the skin
  • Frequent respiratory infections
  • The color of the skin bluish, especially around the lips and nails
  • Children infected punctured the heart and often suffer in addition to the symptoms of the previous difficulty gaining weight, and profuse sweating during feeding

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Methods of treatment of puncture of the heart between the ventricles.

Choose a method of treatment of defects or holes of the ventricular septum depending on the size of this hole and its impact on the health of the body as follows:

Control symptoms

If the hole of the heart is small and does not cause any symptoms, doctor may recommend that you need to follow the symptoms to see if the defect will change on its own after a certain period, often no doctor would prescribe any medication in this case.


In the most serious cases, surgery be necessary to fix the defect or hole is the cause of the symptoms was done by performing open-heart surgery or the use of cardiac catheterization to close this hole, in this case the doctor may prescribe some medicines prior to surgery to control symptoms such as digoxin some diuretics.

Related topics

What are the causes of atrial septal defect is?

The most common reason is the presence of a congenital heart defect since birth, where born some people with a hole already exists in the heart and does not cause any symptoms and can be discovered by Chance, the other reason most scarce is the occurrence of severe trauma to the chest caused a hole in the ventricular septum as in the case of exposure to motor vehicle accidents.

How is the diagnosis of ventricular septal defect is?

After that you know ways to cure the hole in his heart between the ventricles show you in this part of the route followed by the doctor to diagnose the injury piercing the heart.

In the case of feeling symptoms previous the doctor will know the medical history profile of the patient and the family will also examine the heart using fish, and several kinds of tests as follows:

Echocardiogram transesophageal

Is the image is captured to by numb the throat and then insert a thin tube that contains a device that emits ultrasonic waves near the heart to check for holes.

Magnetic resonance imaging

Where is the use of electromagnetic waves to capture images to identify the location and size of the hole in his heart.

When you should visit a doctor?

After that you know the symptoms of perforation of the heart ventricular you should expect to a doctor in case of appearance of these symptoms you or your child speed to remedy this situation and to avoid any infection complications, especially in children.

After that you know ways to cure the hole in his heart between the ventricles and when you should visit a doctor if you have other queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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