Mark Fish-Eye What are the options available to us, and what are the best


Or the so-called peace is a small lumps on the skin appear most people have at some point in their lives, and automatically often, but it may take months or years to disappear, which is not usually painful, but they may cause some itching, may cause the appearance of the war have a mission which drives them to search for the cure don’t hide it quickly.

Types of fish-eye

Include the warts several types of them:

  • Common warts.
  • Flat warts.
  • Warts are pigmented.
  • Warts foot
  • Genital warts

The black dots that may be present on the wart are the blood vessels that can lead to bleeding, and most of the warts within one to five years without medical treatment, but treatment is available for warts big or a lot which may cause War or warts in sensitive areas.

The causes of injury into the sky

Most people think that there is no particular reason for warts, being harmless or painless, but cause in fact is a viral infections in the top layer of the skin, which is caused by a virus called HPV Human papilloma virus virus of which there are about 60 species, usually appear on the fingers of the hand or the foot near the nail specifically, there are other types of virus can cause warts in the genital areas.

When this virus is the outer layer of the skin through a scratch or small wound usually, it causes rapid growth of cells on the outer layer of the skin-which leads to the appearance of pimples and warts.

There are several ways to spread this virus include:

  • Direct contact skin infected person the most common method of spread of this virus as a source of Tourism, someone who has warts on his hand.
  • Use the tools of the infected person into the sky, such as towels used by someone who has the wart.
  • Scraped fingers and bite them continuously causing virus warts when they come into contact with the skin is damaged or broken, so think of wounds and abrasion resulting from shaving tools shaving the way to work, and it explains the cause of the injury to men fall in the beard area, while women appear mostly on the feet.

The diagnosis of fish eye

Are diagnosed clinically, and in rare cases to make sure the doctor takes a competent biopsy (sample) of it and sends it to a laboratory to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment of fish-eye

There are several methods used in therapy include

  • Salicylic acid

Available on form of creams or paints, it is important to protect the skin around the eye before applying this treatment, because salicylic acid may destroy parts of the healthy skin, and this treatment is used on the face.

This treatment is used daily for three months often, and in the case of skin irritation, treatment should be stopped immediately.

  • Cryotherapy

The generally accepted treatment Palki, which is the most common treatment, the spraying liquid stripper, often nitrogen, to the affected areas, leading to the destruction of cells.

It is possible to expand the area and then gradually progressing and get stuck after a week or so, this treatment must be done by a specialist, which is painless, but sometimes when the warts are large, may require local anesthesia.

  • Treatment of cantharidin “Cantharidin”

Can the doctor uses a material containing an extract from an insect called cantharidin, which is then cover the area with bandage, then swell the infected area and spread increases by the doctor during the week.

  • Treatment by surgical removal

Where the doctor says to the eradication of the second full by surgery, which is not the preferred option for treatment.

This option is not considered preferable because it may cause the appearance of scars, but sometimes the doctor may recommend it if it didn’t work other treatments.

Other signs used in the treatment of fish-eye

If you can’t to earlier treatments, the physician might resort to signs of more severe, including:

  • Laser therapy: this type of option is essential in the treatment, especially after trying other treatments and failing.
  • Immunotherapy: where is the injection plume gender or link Knights in the affected area which works to kill the virus by activating the immune system of the patient.
  • Retinoids: these are derivatives of vitamin A, working to disrupt the growth of cells infected by the virus.
  • Antibiotics: only in case of a bacterial infection.

The Prevention of fish-eye

To reduce the risk of fall can be the commission for, inter alia:

  • Avoid direct contact with the infected, but if you have it and avoid to touch it, so don’t spread the infection to other parts of your body.
  • And use care tools, towels, and a razor of your own and share them with others.
  • Avoid biting the nails where the warts very often in skin that has been wound or skin mangled.

Usually respond to fish-eye the treatments applied, but it may be difficult to get rid of completely or permanently.


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