Lose weight in Ramadan 10 km

إنقاص الوزن في رمضان 10 كيلو

إنقاص الوزن في رمضان 10 كيلو

Unlike what is said that most of the people are gaining more weight in Ramadan, it is not true, you can lose weight in Ramadan 10 kilos only if you smile about some of the wrong habits, and has a healthy, proceed with us to this decision.

The system of intermittent fasting

It was found that promotes weight loss and reduces waist circumference and percentage of body fat and abdomen, some studies have suggested that the benefits of weight loss in the intermittent fasting due to the increase in calories burned, but others, contend that spending a longer period without eating actually reduces the appetite, it’s recommended by most trainers, nutritionists, eating small meals rich in protein every three to four hours in order to burn optimal fat metabolism and fast.

Lose weight in Ramadan 10 km

Contrary to what is believed that fasting in Ramadan leads to increase the weight and the like, this is not true you can use the month of Ramadan loss your weight up to 10 kg should follow the following:


إنقاص الوزن في رمضان 10 كيلو

إنقاص الوزن في رمضان 10 كيلو

At breakfast eat plenty of fluids, foods low in fat, and rich with fluid, and foods contain some natural sugars such as:

  • Water or milk or fruit juices without any calories or additional sugar added.
  • Eat dates or dried fruit to break the fast, dates are a great way to break the fast because it provides natural sugars for energy, and provide minerals such as potassium, copper, manganese, it is a source of fiber.
  • Fruit, providing natural sugars for energy and fluid and some vitamins and minerals.
  • The soup is a light way to break the fast and provide fluids, is considered the traditional soup on a meat broth often contains legumes, such as lentils and beans.

After breakfast

Choose meals from culture to culture, but tried to make sure that the foods you eat provide a balance between starchy foods, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and foods rich in protein such as meat, fish, eggs and beans.

After a long fast, it’s natural to want to eat much, but be sure to reduce the amount of fatty and sugary foods and sugary drinks, remember that you do not have only a relatively short time each day to eat and drink to provide your body with all the nutrients and fluids essential that your body needs, so the quality of your diet are particularly important during the month of Ramadan, if you can, as soon as you have the opportunity to digest your food, you can try to do some light exercises like walking.

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  • Drink plenty of fluids, choose foods rich in fluids, eating starchy foods for energy, choose the kinds of high fiber or whole grains whenever possible as this can help you in maintaining your feeling of fullness and can help digestion, which helps prevent constipation.
  • You can try oatmeal with milk, you can experiment with fresh or dried fruit or nuts or seeds as an addition, breakfast cereals are high fiber and are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, which provides additional nutrients, since it is consumed with milk, you can also get fluids and nutrients such as calcium, iodine andB vitamins from the milk.
  • Yogurt can be a good food to include in suhoor because it provides nutrients such as protein, calcium, iodine, and B vitamins and also contains fluid, you can combine it with cereal and fruit, make sure not to eat dishes salt too because it may make you feel very thirsty during fasting.
  • The bread that made from whole grain because it provides more fiber, avoid combining expertise and salty foods such as hard cheese or preserved meats, and you can experience nut butter (no salt) or soft cheese or a banana.

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Related topics

Avoid caffeine and cigarettes

Reduce the consumption of coffee or tea before Ramadan will reduce the pulling effect of caffeine in the first few days of the holy month, as people should start reducing the habit daily, and can even use this period to help quit smoking completely.

In the end, after that you know tips to lose weight in Ramadan 10 kilos you should prepare from now, and follow those tips.

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