Lobster sea and 5 of the benefits of the wonderful



Are you a fan of seafood, if you are, you must hear the word lobster or lobster or lobsters or loss (lobster), all the names of this wonderful food, you probably already have tasted it before and liked their taste, they are of exquisite cuisine and the famous, but did you know that not many of the astounding benefits, which you can learn in this article, just be sure to follow us.

What is nutritional value of lobster the sea

Lobster of shellfish, which is one of the foods rich in nutrients, as one cup of lobster research that have been cooked, which with a weight of 145 grams to:

  • 129 calories.
  • 1.25 g of fat.
  • 0 g of carbohydrates.
  • 27.55 grams of protein.

It can also prevent lobsters. the person who deals with a good amount of minerals and vitamins, and the proportion of these vitamins and minerals in:

  • 3 % of the person’s needs daily of vitamin (A)
  • 9 % of calcium needs daily.
  • 3 % of the proportion of iron daily.

Lobster is a rich source of oil, and selenium, they also contain zinc, phosphorus, andvitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin E, and a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

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The benefits of lobster research and its impact on the body

Improved mental capacity

Due to the containment of lobster on a number of minerals and vitamins unique, especially vitamin B, vitamin B 12, which plays an important role in maintaining the strength of the nerves and safety, as help the Lobster to increase the capacity of the nervous system to work. Toscanini the search of the rich source of Colón, which is the elements that help in increasing the production of neurotransmitters, and thus help the brain in performing its functions.

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Strengthen bones

Play lobster search an important role in strengthening bones because they contain phosphorous and calcium, live help all the buyers in The constitute another component is schedrosti, which is thick and strong in bone.

Protection from anemia



Due to the containment of the lobster on the amount of iron, they play a role in protecting the body from anemia, as it keeps the blood health in general.

Keep the tissues of the body

Lobster search an excellent source of protein, and thus contribute to the composition of the amino acids necessary to maintain healthy tissue. Feeds the protein your bones Utah, as well as to your skeleton strong.

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The population of diseases of the thyroid gland

Due to the containment of lobster on many of the important metals, particularly selenium, they play an important role in protecting the body from problems of the thyroid gland, it helps in protection from depression also.

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Risk lobster sea

In spite of the benefits of lobster is brilliant but it does a number of risks, which are mainly in:

  • They contain large amounts of sodium, and thus may cause high blood pressure.
  • They contain large amount of cholesterol, and therefore have the potential to harm the heart and blood vessels.
  • May cause allergies, there are some people who suffer from allergies to seafood.
  • Must not be left lobster frozen at room temperature, but must be left in the fridge, so get rid of ice before cooking.

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And now dear reader, after finishing the article, you know everything you want to know about lobster research and its benefits, do you feel that you need counseling?, the If you are, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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