Lighten sensitive areas and tips important to take care of sensitive areas

Lighten sensitive areas

Usually what we’re talking about lightening the sensitive areas we embarrassed there looking for a solution, from another aspect we are concerned and desire to solve the problem,, some of the systems daily skin care in this region may constitute a solution to the difference with you.

Perhaps these areas are the most neglected of you, don’t you think normally, this is the basic reason why see this area, and as any other part of your skin you need to the routine elements continuously.

Produces pigmentation sensitive areas because of the genetic factor usually, but there are other reasons such as:

  • The friction between the thighs resulting from the wear constant clothes tight.
  • Exposure to the sun permanently.
  • Wear clothes made of polyester.
  • The incidence of some skin diseases such as hyperpigmentation.

Care tips for the sensitive areas of the body

One of the first steps to lightening the sensitive areas is to take care of it and keep it clean and it is these things which must the committee do not:

  • Clean and wash this product periodically

The use of lotion is suitable, preferably dedicated to this region, and wash them periodically and gently remove the accumulated dirt, featuring the bikini area and thighs usually darken because of the rubbing and constant friction that occurs from your underwear or jeans, so make sure in your routine there should be washed periodically to this region.

  • Peel this product weekly

Like any area of your skin, the weekly report, this region is an effective way to lighten sensitive areas, it removes remnants of dirt and dead skin, and thus works to open it, don’t rub hard!

Preferably use gel for the mouth you gently, but if not you can use some exfoliator that can be made at home with fruits, sugar, oil, and honey.

  • Nourish and moisturize this area

This area is known as the friction constant clothing pressure knows its golf, and thus cause darkening, so I recommend that you move to moisturize and nourish skin continuously, there are creams custom to moisten and lighten this area, which if not available you may replaced some of the oils available in the house wasolive oil , natural coconut oil, almond oil, etc.

Keep moisturizing continuously, particularly after bathing.

  • Hair removal in this area

The presence of hair in this region exacerbates the friction that occurs, which causes the darkening of this area as we mentioned beforehand, in order to avoid this we should recognize and remove the hair continuously from them, nor recommend that you remove hair in this region using a razor, as shaving is one of the reasons the defendant in bringing about tanning that area, so looking for an alternative that suits you to remove the hair, shaving kit.

  • Use soap to explain.

This may be an extra step and unnecessary, but we recommend you him if you are interested and want to expedite the process of inspection, it you can go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a nice soap contains compounds opens the scheme for this area.

  • Choose lingerie appropriate and clean

Tight pants that cause friction may not be a suitable option, Use types comfortable cotton ones.


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