Lengthening the hair by vegetables

Obviously what overcome have a significant impact on our health, and in this article we will explain the effect of vegetables on lengthening the hair .

The hair follicles are fed the proteins, vitamins, and foods that help the growth and lengthening of hair

Eggs, meat, gas, creamy, and milk, and we must mention the role of green leafy vegetables, vegetables, dry in increase hair length here are the top vegetables that help you in that.

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Vegetables that help to lengthen the hair


Can lengthen hair , broccoli because it is rich in protein, which is essential for healthy hair, strengthen it, lengthening his1magazine of your life.

As outlined by a professor of Nutritional Sciences at Berkeley, California, Leonard lies, and also professor of Fire Stone professor of biological partial.

Has explained that broccoli contains a high proportion of the enzyme and, which are converted to protein during the process of digestion.

الخضروات لتطويل الشعر

الخضروات لتطويل الشعر


Both the quality of their green beans and black beans, they contain a large amount of protein necessary for the growth of lengthening the hair, and strengthen it.

Legumes Calvin download

We can’t forget some legumes, particularly beans, is a rich source of vegetable protein.


Think spinach of green leafy vegetables is important, and rich in protein, also contain high proportion of vitamins.

Such as: vitamin A, vitamin car.

It is also use some oils from them, which are used in hair loss, and in the case of thick hair, hair that does not grow quickly, and show its effectiveness quickly.


Vegetables rich in vitamin A, which helps to enhance the strength of hair, and also helps to lengthen it, if we follow a diet rich islands.

Soybean and its products

If soy products are important, it is also one of the rich elements of much of the acids, such as omega-3 fat, which be difficult to obtain.

If you follow a vegetarian diet, in does not allow eating fish, such as salmon, tuna2theme.

And omega 3 has many other acids, which help hair growth from the inside, starting from the grafts, and the end of the hair, also make it thicker.

خضروات تطويل الشعر

خضروات تطويل الشعر

The benefits of vegetables lengthen hair

We will show you some proven by studies, and research in this area, as follows:

Studies have shown us the importance of fatty acids for your body, and unfortunately our bodies do not have the ability to produce these fatty acids itself.

Therefore we find it best to eat foods that contain these essential acids fatty.

Such as: walnuts, fish, flax seeds, and avocado, which are essential to the company, Rich acids for the health and growth of hair.

It has also proven studies in this area, that a collagen, unfortunately, weakens and collapses with the progress of the human at work, he is initially surrounded the police to him, and with the passage of time weakened enough to be prone to breakage last.

Can we keep the hair, enhance its strength by eating foods containing vitamin C, such as oranges, strawberries, and red pepper.

It also works to strengthen collagen, says hair, it also works to reduce wrinkles.

And don’t forget to mention our food, let’s also have some food sources, which contain biotin such as:

Cape, nuts, brown rice, and don’t forget the role of iron, which we get from molasses, eggplant, and apples.

It is important to strengthen hair, and strengthen it, lengthening it.

And don’t forget to take some vitamin C after iron, to absorb it, and benefit from it.

When eating these foods try on the hair, but strengthen it as well, we believe its growth without the need to use any creams or hair oils.

It is important that we take a daily amount of fresh vegetables, rich in proteins and vitamins, which help the growth of Shia

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