Laser Hair Removal


Think thick hair growth in places unwanted in the body of the irritating things he had the ladies and had spend the Mrs. for long periods of time and vast sums of money on hair removal in addition to the pain and need to repeat the process once every two weeks to a month maximum. May be the technique of Laser Hair Removal is a good option to have many girls and ladies especially those who don’t call them or develop allergies from hair removal by wax or razor. Technology laser hair removal on the guiding light Centre towards the the hair follicles so that the pigment there to absorb the light and thus destroy the hair and become both unable to produce hair for a long time and sometimes forever.

  • Laser Hair Removal Technique is safe and affect very slightly on the skin as it is more effective on people with dark hair and light skin. I don’t find this technique work on gray hair or white or light red or light brown or blond. You may need several sessions to get the benefit long-term.Not affected by the skin adversely with the treatment where they cooled faster than the best hair.
  • End the treatment applying the cream to cool the skin and reduce the risk.
  • You need to 15 minutes for the face and the bottom of the armpit while you need the other parts of the body to at least an hour to complete the meeting.

The benefits of Laser Hair Removal


The Laser Hair Removal dark color and thick while not hurting the surrounding skin.


You need all the flash of the laser to a fraction of a second while many of the logos at the same time (the equivalent of 9*9 millimeters). You need to meeting the small areas like the top lip less than a minute while larger areas such as the back or legs to an hour.

The possibility to estimate the number of Sessions

Can specialists laser of the report of the number of sessions that you need where you need it most ladies to 3 – 7 sessions.

Less painful

The pain of Laser Hair Removal is less than that resulting from wax, thread, or sugar.

A radical solution to the appearance of the hair

If you happen to grow a few bristles after the treatment, the type of hair will be thinner and lighter compared to before.

How do you prepare yourself for Laser Hair Removal?

  • Laser Hair Removal is not just to get rid of unwanted hair. It is actually the process of medical treatment you need to practice by a person trained and qualified and competent dermatologist or cosmetic as they bear some risks. We first choose the center, and doctor trusted. If the therapist that will perform the work of a physician assistant or nurse licensed to make sure that the doctor available for observation during the sessions. Be careful dealing with beauty salons or spas or other centers allow a person medically unfit to perform the process.
  • If you are planning to start Laser Hair Removal, you have to stop other procedures such as waxing for at least six weeks before the start of the procedure where the laser targets the root of the hair which is removed completely with wax, sugar or thread as you avoid other actions, such as the.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least six weeks before and after laser treatment so that exposure to the sun makes the laser treatment less effective and may also lead to the emergence of complications after the treatment.
  • Avoid taking medications and herbs are sensitive to light 24 hours before the meeting.
  • Avoid the use of exfoliating and the creams containing the substance retinol retinol and acid agree glycolic acid before and after the two days of the meeting. Better to use moisturizers more after the meetings.
  • You have to know that the hormonal changes such as pregnancy may lead to re-growth of hair again.
  • Don’t do a full session all at one time, there is a specific amount of laser that your body can absorb it safely at a time.
  • To get the best results you commitment times the skin where that hair follicles growth cycle. You can get best results doing a session every 4 – 6 weeks helps this time the hair on the falls alone.
  • Avoid putting perfume or deodorant within 24-48 hours of treatment. You can shower with warm water for a week after that you can bathe with hot water or use the sauna or the Jacuzzi.

What should I expect during a session of Laser Hair Removal?

You do shaving hair blade where you keep a few millions of people top skin. Tell the doctor or therapist with the laser to modify the device settings according to the color of the hair and its thickness and its place in addition to skin color. According to the type of laser or light user, you and the therapist wear protective goggles to work and suitable as it is to protect the upper layers of the skin using cold gel or equipment coolers custom where prevents laser light from penetrating the skin. Tell the therapist then directs the light flashes a specific area for several minutes and watched to make sure that the settings of the laser device is suitable and make sure you do not receive any reaction for the unwanted. After the end of the process of Laser Hair Removal are giving you bags of ice, the creams and anti-inflammatory or cold water to ease any pain. You can specify the date of your post after 4 – 6 weeks. The sessions continue until the hair stops to grow and emerge.

Possible side effects

  • Need laser hair removal is to heat to burn the hair and this may lead to Burns in the skin has some, particularly those with dark skin where the stretch this skin, larger amounts of laser. In most cases be the war slightly but there are some cases that have been recorded with severe burns.
  • Laser can cause either hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation is to become the skin is darker where it stimulates the laser production of the pigment melanin an updated color similar to Sunless suntan lotion. The lack of pigmentation in the coffee to lighten the color of the skin after laser treatment as this may cause the laser to reduce the security of the production of the pigment melanin, leading to the loss of the dye.
  • May cause laser treatment hurt in the eye so it is very necessary to shield the eyes through the process of laser treatment.
  • Of the common side effects itching during and after treatment.
  • Skin color becomes red for several days after treatment also has the appearance of a bulge in the area surrounding the best.
  • Of the most side effects common are pain, numbness and a pinching or feeling as the sun in the treated area and think these symptoms are normal, you can alleviate these symptoms by using moisturizers and cold compresses.
  • You may show pills small products in the treatment or bruising, especially for those with sensitive skin. These symptoms appear during the first days of treatment and disappear after a short period.
  • Side effects very rare appearance of the treated area in purple or appearance of the treated hair, in gray or in some rare cases to increase the growth of hair in the treated area.
  • Other effects rare side very is inflammation. It is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the area after the skin to avoid infection.

The cost of laser treatment

Vary the cost of laser treatment based on:

  • A large area of hair removal which in addition to the time needed to complete the meeting.
  • The number of Sessions.
  • The person who will conduct sessions either doctor or specialist help.

Types of laser

Ruby Laser

This type of laser fits pale skin, and its use is not common.

YAG Laser

Of and common usage and is used for dark skin.


This type is most common and is more effective for the skin pale to medium color.

Device home laser

Studies are not conducted extensive comparison of the efficiency of the laser device home and it is used in specialized centers as the Directorate of food and drug of America laser devices home, such as cosmetic and not medical, and therefore are not subject to the supervision and examination of the exact mass you used in specialized centers.



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