Lack of the weight of the fetus in the sixth month

نقص وزن الجنين في الشهر السابع

نقص وزن الجنين في الشهر السابع

During pregnancy women feel the need by all the time on the baby and how are the stages of growth and the extent of its development, with the beginning of each new month of the pregnancy and follow how to become a weight and its length, sometimes you may encounter some problems that affect the health of the fetus, including lack of weight, go with us to the causes of lack of fetal weight in the previous month and what it is and how it can be diagnosed.

What means lack of the weight of the fetus in the seventh month of?

Is the case you may experience some pregnant women and restricts the growth of the fetus in the uterus, a condition in which the size of the fetus is smaller than normal.

Through this situation be the rate of progression of fetal growth is slower than normal causing some health problems, which include:

  • Low levels of oxygen.
  • The low weight of the fetus at birth.
  • The low level of sugar in the blood.
  • Increase the difficulty of carrying a natural birth.
  • Reduced ability to resist infection and diseases.
  • Inhalation of the fetus help my this leads to problems in development.
  • The erythrocyte increase dramatically.
  • Sometimes the situation may be serious and cause stillbirth.
  • The occurrence of problems in the body temperature.

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Reasons for the lack of weight of the fetus in the seventh month

There are many reasons that may lead to a lack of the weight of the fetus during the months of pregnancy all of them, not the previous month which includes:

Problems in the placenta

In probably what will be the main reason to transfer the weight of the fetus is having problems in the placenta, where it is the part responsible for the access of oxygen the the nutrients necessary for the growth of the fetus.

Health problems for the mother

Think one of the reasons for lack of weight of the fetus is the mother’s suffering from some health problems that affect growth are:

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How can the lack of weight of the fetus?

There are many ways that help to diagnose the lack of weight of the fetus in the seventh month, namely:


Diagnosis ultrasound is the first procedure followed by the doctor to determine the weight of the fetus, as used by the doctor to see the fetus inside the uterus.

Help ultrasound to check the growth rate of the fetus by measuring the head circumference and abdomen and compare them with natural.

How can the doctor measure the amount of amniotic fluid using ultrasound to see the amount of it which may indicate the lack of fetal weight.

Check weight

It is a routine examination performed by the physician during periodic follow-up of the mother during pregnancy where to register its weight and its follow-up, in the absence of an increase may indicate a lack of fetal weight.

Fetal monitoring

Is examination the doctor says when using electrodes sensitive on the belly of the case and are fastened by an elastic band light and installed screen.

This device measuring the heart rate of the fetus through the sensors in diagnosis lack of fetal weight.

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Examination of amniotic fluid

During this examination the doctor taking a sample of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus in the uterus by placing a needle in the mother’s abdomen and withdrawing a small sample.

In the case of detection of the presence of any infection or fetal malformations may indicate to a decrease of the weight of the fetus.

In the end, after that you know my reasons for lack of fetal weight in the previous month and what are the ways to diagnose it, you must move on follow the case of her unborn child and the extent of his or her development with the doctor to check on your health and make sure there are no problems, and we wish you good health.

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