Know the properties of tea lavender oil and its health benefits and contraindications of its use

Important note: lavender is one of the herbs, and all herbs contain chemicals and elements that may affect directly or indirectly on the condition of some patients may affect or interfere with the effectiveness of some medicines, if you suffer from any illness or special health condition or taking any kind of medications including herbal medicines, you should consult your doctor before using a tea of lavender or any herbal product the last.

It’s aromatic plants, although its appearance resembles plants that are waiting in the Bush, from where the presence of many branches, stems and wood. But can be easily recognized thanks to color his flowers purple, there are also Flowers of pink and white color.

In the past, lavender (lavender) uses the grass freshener in the bathrooms. With the passage of time, it was the discovery of the use of different no.

Although tea lavender is not the product, it has magical properties or relationships, but it can give a positive impact on the body. Do you want to learn more about the benefits of this plant and the editor of it? Continue reading if.

شاي اللافندر

The origin of the lavender plant

Lavender plant is native to North-Eastern Africa and Arabia, India and the basin of the Mediterranean and even southern Europe. But it has spread in other places, such as the United States and Japan, where it is grown there extensively currently.

The best types of plants for lavender be in places where there is a lot of sun and dry climate.

What is used to plant lavender

Uses lavender in a variety of products due for its aroma and distinctive abilities the.

There are many products of lavender available in the market, such as essential oils and candles and even incense but the tea is one of the most popular products because it offers its many benefits to the body.

You may have tea, lavender, some of the characteristics of the additional health that comes mainly from the different ingredients that adds to its producers, such as tannins and eucalyptus oil and flavonoids and others.

The benefits of tea lavender

Wearing lavender with relaxation and tranquility. Drink a tea, lavender can relieve the symptoms of stress andfatigue and headaches. As can also relieves stomach disorders.

People who suffer from insomnia that they can improve their psychological state and the process significantly by drinking tea lavender. For this, drink a tea of lavender tradition when some people, lavender essential oil can be used to alleviate the symptoms of the psychological pressure of light and exhaustion, as it can help to sleep.

Tea lavender very useful for people who suffer from any neurological disorders. It helps those who suffer from anxiety, depression and stress to improve mood and make them feel better. In recent studies, it has been proven that the scent of lavender, a relaxing effect, in addition to the possibility of its use in order to relieve stress andanxiety.

Found Hideki China Hideki Kashiwadani, which is a physiologist and neurologist at the University of Kagoshima, Japan, and his team that the smell of lavender has a similar effect to the impact of Valium on the body. Where working to influence the same parts of the brain which affect the anxiety medications.

For women who suffer mental disorders suffer from headaches caused by premenstrual syndrome, this tea can help relieve those symptoms, thanks to its soothing properties.

Way to prepare tea lavender

The process of preparation of tea, the lavender is very simple. You only need to put a number of dried lavender flowers in boiling water, then leave it for about 10 minutes, then filtered and evaluated as a layman. It will be the color of tea that’s light blue. But adding lemon will intensify the color a bit.

Can drink tea lavender without any additives, or can add sugar or milk or lemon or honey to get the flavor and taste different.

Sites drink tea lavender

Although lavender is one of the herbs, and many more useful, should not be drinking it ever if a person suffers from epilepsy, due to the effects on the nervous system. Also not recommended for people who suffer from gastritis or colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. And pregnant or lactating women should not consume, because some of the components of lavender may be poisonous for the child. It is also not recommended to submit for children under the age of 6 years, because of the gastrointestinal tract have not yet ready.

Where to find lavender fresh and dried out?

If you want to add lavender to the list of herbs for your cooking, you can buy from several places. Some retailers selling flowers of lavender dried and bottled in advance, while selling others in large quantities so you can buy what you need.

  • Shops specializing in the sale of herbs and spices (to get the flowers of lavender dried).
  • Farmers who grow lavender (to get the flowers of lavender, fresh).

Finally, what about the idea of the cultivation of this plant is fragrant in your home? This way, you can enjoy it in oil, you will call your home smell possible, and his flowers always on hand to prepare delicious tea and the tranquilizer, especially after a hard day of work.

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