Know the methods of treatment of cough is dry and causes of occurrence

There are many types of cough that affect humans as a result of cold injury or inflammation in the airway, and this species is the cough dry, which occur as a result of infection in the respiratory tract, and accompanying risks, as the appearance of cough dry and lead to soreness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, for this reason you must learn the methods of treatment of cough dry different, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

Before talking about the methods of treatment of cough dry, should first some important points based on which is the proper diagnosis so the proper treatment, these points are available in the following:

The reasons of occurrence of cough dry

Wearing treatment cough dry on the reason for the occurrence of this cough, these are the reasons:

  • The presence of infections in the throat as a result of the inhalation of material irritation of the airway and throat, such as dust or smoke.
  • The presence of a group of diseases that lead to the appearance of the cough as dry as blockage of lung, or heart disease.
  • Infection by viruses and bacteria that pour cold cases, cold, and therefore to the occurrence of cough dry.
  • Wrong habits lead also to the emergence of cough dry, like smoking, as smoking works on the inflammation in the airway and in the lung, the occurrence of severe dryness in the throat, which leads to the appearance of cough dry.
  • Show cough dry also if there are cases suffer from asthma or allergies.

أسباب حدوث الكحة الجافة

The symptoms of cough dry

People who suffer from cough dry they feel the presence of lumps in the throat, others feel a tickle in the throat, you’ll now learn about the rest of the symptoms and complications associated with cough dry:

  • The feeling of difficulty in breathing, soreness in chest when coughing.
  • Can cause cough dry in fainting, it may come to a break in the ribs.
  • Can cause cough dry in the vomit, and the presence of tremendous pain in the muscles.
  • The presence of inflammation in the throat due to inflammation in the nerve endings related to the.

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Types of cough dry

Cough dry no three different types, it can be cough dry one of the following types:

  • Cough dry common: this type of cough dry is the perspective, where it occurs as a result of virus infection that leads to inflammation in the throat and nose, and the length of time of the existence of something in the throat.
  • Cough dry, suffocating: it is a type of cough dry, which appear in the region of the larynx as a result of the presence of infections which occurs when the coughing person feels ache severely in the throat and problem in breathing.
  • Cough dry whooping cough: this type of cough dry cause is bacteria, a type rare among the people where it affects children in particular, accompanied by a cough-like voice Squawk.

أنواع الكحة الجافة

Methods of treatment of cough dry

There are a lot of ways to treat cough dry, minimizing symptoms, and this will continue in the following points:

Treatment cough dry via the road home

Tablets emulsifying

These tablets are available in pharmacies, and on vehicles and mint that work to treat cough dry, as it works to calm the tissues irritated, and the body of the cough.

An air humidifier

This device works to make the air that surrounds the patient hydrated, as the moist air works on the mission comfortable feeling for both the throat and nose, and thus to treat cough dry.

Fluid intake, warm

When you eat warm liquids like soup or tea, it works to moisturize the throat and cure the scratches that are found in milk, the process of wetting solutions lists treatment cough dry clearly.

Theyget away from irritating substances

You should stay away from substances that lead to irritation of the throat and lung such as dust or smoke produced by coal or smoke, and odors of cosmetics.

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Eating honey

Honey contains substances that help treat cough dry by getting rid of inflammation in milk, you can use the honey by eating a spoonful a day, or add it to tea.

Gargle with salt water

Gargle using salt water helps to eliminate the inflammation in the throat by eliminating viruses and bacteria, and is used by dissolving the appropriate amount of salt in a glass of warm water and drink it everyday even lead to a cure for cough-dry.

The use of herbs

Herbs contain substances that work to treat infections that work on the Prevention of the swelling of the throat, and also contain antioxidants that improve the immune system to fight the virus leading to treat cough dry, and these herbs mint, thyme, garlic, turmeric, licorice, star anise, ginger, and cloves.

Intake of vitamins

Eating food that contains the vitamins is very important for the immune system to fight viruses and bacteria, so that vitamin C is famous in the treatment of colds, cough, and orange and lemon juice.

Eat plenty of fluids

Eating an adequate amount of fluids helps on good hydration for the throat, and thus to treat cough dry quickly, they eat about 8 glasses of water every day.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol

When you stay away from these things, this is the first step in the treatment of cough is dry, because alcohol and smoking are the causes of cough.

Eating pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzyme propyl, this enzyme has the ability to treat infections, and treat the tension in the episode, so grab a cup juice of pineapple on the sign of cough dry.

Smell the Steam

Working steam inhalation to make the respiratory tract and in case of moisture fully, can use drops of essential oils that have a role effective in the treatment of cough dry significantly.


Link without doing any effort is a good way to speed the healing, where the help link on the make the immune system of the body that becomes strong and fights viruses and infections present in the throat and chest.

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Avoid eating some foods

There are a range of foods should not be ingested in the case of injury alcohol dry because they help make the cough more serious, these foods are tomatoes, garlic, onions, alcohol, caffeine, and foods that contain spices, fried foods, and carbonated beverages.

علاج الكحة الجافة عن طريق الطرق المنزلية

Treatment cough dry by the use of drugs

Before resorting to the use of medications in the treatment of cough is dry you should first consult your doctor or pharmacist about these medications and how to use them, and of any age are taking these medicines.

  • Medications anti-fraud: these drugs have an effective role in the elimination of allergies.
  • Asthma medications: these medications work to treat cough dry produced of the Lord, where he works on the expansion of the bronchi, opening the airway in a good way to learn.
  • Antibiotics: cough resulting from causes viral or bacterial, antibiotics are not effective in eradicating the cause of cough, whatever the cause.

Treatment of cough is dry before sleep

So is sleeping in a comfortable manner, you should do some things to relieve the symptoms of cough, namely:

  • Gargle with warm water with salt before going to sleep.
  • Resorting to the use of nasal sprays containing a salt solution.
  • Raise the head during sleep by pillows.
  • The use of devices that operate on a air humidifier before going to sleep.
  • Drinking tea genitive honey.

Cough dry one of the many types of cough that affect humans, as this cough is causing tremendous pain in the chest may be needed without treatment to a broken rib, or difficulty breathing, you should contact the to treatment, whether by medicines, or by the road home.

علاج الكحة الجافة قبل النوم

Now that you’re done talking about the treatment of cough is dry, and discovered the causes of this problem and the symptoms, we have reached our conclusion you can now move to act on cough medicines for children, the best medications and herbs for treatment

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