Know the causes of cough and treatment

Know the causes of cough and treatment across the site of Arab Health many people get alcohol as a result of exposure to colds there are two types of cough one cough dry and cough which are accompanied by sputum, doctors recommend that coughing of the easiest diseases of the respiratory tract which can be treated at home but if you listen to the duration of cough for three weeks then the patient must consult a doctor to check on your health .


Reasons for coughing with constant phlegm

  • The patient with alcohol on the constant and accompanied by phlegm: as a result of the attack of some viruses to body, causing colds accompanied with alcohol.
  • Forthe subsequent development of the respiratory system: many of the problems such as a sore throat, or the occurrence of inflammation and irritation in the sinuses and other.
  • Injury to the patient some chronic lung disease: such as cancer of the lung or inflammation of the tissues of the lungs and enter the fluid to it.
  • Influenced by the respiratory system external factors: like exposure to smoking .
  • Contamination of the lungs: it is one of the reasons that results in the inflammation of the bronchi which in turn lead to cough with phlegm.
  • The difficulty of the exit of sticky mucus coats the phlegm across the back of the group.

The symptoms of cough, severe in adults

There are multiple symptoms placed infection adult alcohol severe of the most important of these symptoms:

  • A blockage in the nose which leads to the inability to development of them.
  • Severe pain in the throat accompanied by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth and change the taste of the food out.
  • Feeling severe pain and a headache in the head.
  • The presence of sore throat with difficulty in swallowing.
  • The presence of a productive cough.
  • Feeling the whistling out of the lungs during breathing.
  • The presence of shortness of breath as a result of the presence of phlegm on the chest.

Relationship of cough and phlegm herbal

You think coughing and phlegm diseases that can be treated at home with herbs through the use of warm liquids, which help to open up the mucus and soothe the throat and chest to alleviate cough and the most important of these drinks:

Ginger to cure cough for adults

  • Contains ginger to the anti-coating and anti-inflammation help in the treatment of cough and phlegm.
  • Buy ginger both leaf fresh or powder that treats all diseases, as it contains compounds and elements unique can not be compared with another.
  • In the case of injury alcohol dry or accompanied you eating two cups of ginger ale genitive fresh lemon juice with a spoon of natural honey.

Steam thyme to soothe a cough

  • Working steam wild thyme on the open sinus and try to open the phlegm and relieve the symptoms of cough and cough severe.
  • Wild thyme herbs witch in the symptomatic treatment of cough and colds, thanks to the compounds and elements that eliminate viruses that attack the upper respiratory tract.


  • A large vase.
  • A liter of boiling water.
  • The amount of areas of the thyme.
  • A clean cotton towel.

Method of use:

  • Pour boiling water in a large bowl, then add the amount of thyme.
  • Then place a towel over the head so that it covered the head and the urn the border and try inhaling the steam from the nose.
  • You should smiling face from the water a distance of not less than 10 cm.
  • Prefer to repeat this method to that the patient feels easily in development.

This was you know the causes of cough and treatment we hope you like it and forget about any inquiries about methods of treatment of diseases with herbs through the comment below the article.

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