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Drug ketamine Ketamine is a liquid that is colorless and odorless, packed in glass bottle, works as a director general, and is used particularly for children in surgical operations, and more than the use, which is of the drugs banned for use without medical consultation, because the longer the materials are used by smokers, so you have to read the article for more details.

What is a drug ketamine Ketamine is?

Ketamine Ketamine is a general anesthetic used in surgeries, such as children, add to the use of animals in veterinary medicine, and is sometimes used to start the process of anesthesia for adults before giving them anesthesia stronger.

It does not loosen the muscle, so be patient need some medication support to provide respiratory, neurological, orders to relax and enter into sleep, and stop the task of ketamine on the suppression of cerebral activity and modification of memory and separate feeling in the World Ocean, soothing the pain for a while.

كيتامين Ketamine 

كيتامين Ketamine 

The scientific name of ketamine Ketamine

Belongs to ketamine Ketamine treatments that fall under the general drug, because it is used in operations to numb the body before and during surgeries, as well as its uses in medical procedures painful.

The company Organization of ketamine Ketamine

The name of the manufacturer Lord LIORAD

The composition of the drug

Ketamine Ketamine medication derived from the aryl cyclohexene, the compound of Kerala, but according to all the manufacturer use the massage seat in the treatment, most often, also the most active ones is the scene, the less active will be marketing.

The use of ketamine Ketamine

Uses of ketamine in two forms (medical, non medical).

  • Medical use

Been using it for the first time in 1962 by Calvin Stevens, professor of chemistry, on animals to see its effect and its ability in anesthesia and treatment of depression also, and then use it on humans in 1964, where they discovered that general anaesthetic is suitable for the body, the first its uses in anesthesia American soldiers in the Vietnam War..

  • Use of non-medical

Uses based on drugs by some young people, where he enters them in a state of separation from the world, making it a controlled substance around the world.

What are the forms of pharmaceutical ketamine Ketamine is?

Injected intravenously or muscle, and to determine the doses depending on need and body weight.

What are the reasons for the use of ketamine Ketamine is?

Injection of ketamine use in the medical world, where doctors use in the following:

  • Operations anesthesia for children in the surgical long
  • Use it with the medicines for muscle relaxants
  • Calm the respiratory problems to some people such as asthma or diabetes blockage of the main chronic
  • Used in emergency departments in hospitals, especially in war zones
  • Fast processor effect for some cases of depression, but necessary to be under medical supervision

What are the contraindications of the use of ketamine Ketamineis?

There are a lot of sites use Ketamine ketamine for some people including:

  • Of people who suffer from allergy to one of the components of the active substances of the drug.
  • Of suffering from heart problems incidence of cardiovascular disease and vascular, and of a doctor’s supervision and continuous monitoring.
  • Prevents its use with people who consume alcohol, and is necessary to stop the intake of these drinks before taking a treatment period of not less than one month.
  • Prevents its use with drugs covered by the elderly to treat diseases of aging, only by your physician to avoid interaction of the drug with other drugs.
  • Prevent the use in case of intake of other medications only under the supervision of a doctor to avoid drug interactions between the used types of treatment.
  • There are warnings to use for pregnant women
  • Prevents the use of medication during breastfeeding
  • Prevents driving at the time of taking the medication, because it may cause some cases of fainting and confusion
  • Not to carry any heavy tools during the period of taking the drug

كيتامين Ketamine 

كيتامين Ketamine 

What are the side effects of ketamine Ketamine is?

There is a list of the side effects of the drug ketamine Ketamine and that’s why it is always advised not to eat without medical consultation, as recommended by the doctors use specific doses and simple for patients, to prevent the occurrence of those symptoms:

  • Severe confusion
  • The incidence of hallucinations verbal
  • Involuntary movements
  • Severe nausea
  • The desire to drowsiness
  • A sharp loss of appetite
  • Feeling dizzy, dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood swings
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Exposure to nightmares, night
  • The injury flattened
  • Participation in the development
  • Loss of consciousness and syncope
  • Blurred vision
  • Separation from the surrounding environment
  • Indifference of things
  • The effect on the dopamine system in the brain
  • The feeling of fear
  • Infection chills.
  • High tension
  • The effect on the memory
  • The probability of infection with psychosis and bipolar disorder
  • Overdose may cause death in the case

What are the precautions the use of ketamine Ketamine is?

There are precautions are necessary to follow with some cases when the use of ketamine including:

  • During pregnancy: it is recommended that women during pregnancy stay away from medication as much as possible and to risk more than its benefits.
  • Lactation: it is not yet proven that it allows to take the drug during lactation, so you should avoid it during that period.
  • Children: the appropriate dose with body weight.
  • Seniors: you must take into account the health situation and the problems experienced by the patient before giving medication.

Through the use of the anesthetic Ketamine Ketamine

A solution injected into a vein or muscle doses specified by the physician.

What are the drug interactions ketamine Ketamine is?

There are some interactions and interventions of pharmaceutical that are made with the Ketamine, so you should tell your doctor when you use it, all the therapeutic drug used, or the tests given to detect the interaction of drugs with, and also provides prevention of intake of tobacco and alcohol during drug therapy because it affects the body and makes the situation worse thanks to the trading interactions.

The intake of grapefruit juice during a drug Ketamine ketamine increases the height of its level in the blood, this is serious, so you should be careful and avoid eating it.

كيتامين Ketamine 

كيتامين Ketamine 

What is the dose of ketamine Ketamine for children and adults?

Be the dose depending on the patient’s need, age and condition of his health.

Dose ketamine for children Ketamine

0.5-2 shelter per kg of body weight of the patient.

The dose of ketamine adult Ketamine

4-6 shelter per kg of body weight upon injection within the muscle

Brand names drug ketamine Ketamine

Tic world- TEKAM 10MG-ML, 10ML VIAL

Center ketamine Ketamine

Is its ampoules for injection alternatives to the corresponding drug ketamine Ketamine is also used in surgical operations for children in the surgical field, before the start of operations of the anesthesia for adults.

It also works its the same effect of the drug Ketamine ketamine in muscle relaxants and provide support for the respiratory system and some of the side effects in the ketamine, so is advised when using it also.

In the end have to know all the information about the anesthetic Ketamine Ketamine, its symptoms and its effects, and its uses, for more details contact us through our website.

The information contained in the indicative only, and refer for a specialist before taking the drug determine the appropriate dosage according to each case

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