Jump rope 100 times as burn

Jump rope 100 times as burn via website cart Health follow a lot of the people some of the different sports that will help them to burn fat and strengthen their muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, buttocks, and the most important the sport of the sport of jump rope, a lot of people find it difficult to perform some of the exercises and continue them .


Of calories you burn by jump rope

Although jump rope is a sport enjoyed by large by small however, many people don’t know that the jump rope helps to burn calories up to 1300 calories in exercise for a full hour.

In the case of the exercise of 70 to 100 jump rope in a row then you will burn around 800 kcal, as if you increase several times to jump rope to 145 once, you will burn the equivalent of 1000 calories.

The benefits of jump rope to lose weight

Helps to jump rope for a loss of about 1800 kcal in the case of continue to enjoy for at least a quarter of an hour, so you need to exercises to jump rope daily, and even helps in the following:

  • Loss number of calories through exercise on a daily basis.
  • Get rid of the frequencies found in the abdominal area and to tighten her muscles.
  • Burn fat ideally get rid of the books, fat located in the abdominal area buttocks super fast.
  • Working on moving the tissues and muscles, which helps to break down fat and easily get rid of them.
  • Get the body of the svelte and taut and leaner.

The benefits of jump rope for

Don’t say the benefits of jump rope on the lot, as approved athletes to the sport of jump rope for 15 minutes is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of running and about 60 minutes of walking and thus stimulates the to burn about 40 calories.

  • Helps to jump rope periodically to improve the health of the body, particularly the respiratory system.
  • Fit the sport of jump rope to all ages and age groups, which helps to improve heart function.
  • Work exercise jump rope to support the musculature and the tendons and muscles of the thighs and drivers and also abdominal muscles.
  • Helps to improve mood as a result of the feeling of comfort and recovery.

Instructions important when you jump rope

You must follow some guidelines and instructions when you jump rope to avoid some injuries and the most important of these guidelines:

  • Consult a doctor before practicing the sport of jump rope, especially for those who suffer from heart disease or inflammation in the knee joints.
  • Take steps to warm up before the scope of the rope through the walk or run in the same place; to prepare the body, and therefore not know the muscles of the body to deformation.
  • Choosing the proper shoes while doing the exercise jump rope.
  • Take into account choosing a flat ground and preferably green land like a park or club; to avoid the risk of falling while jumping on a trampoline.
  • The war on buy a proper rope with the length of the age of the person to practice the sport.

You with jump rope 100 times as ere pleased to receive further inquiries about ways to burn excess fat through the comment below the article.

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