Jerking military: everything you want to know

Jerking military thinks of systems accursed now known, as helps to lose 4.5 kg per week.

So sleeps his great popularity, but the question remains: Is there any damage on the follow-jerking military on the body.

Information about the jerking military

Repeated jerking of the military of the two phases, and the commitment to them as they are, the so called base because the rigid system can not be breach of any condition of the conditions.

The first phase for 3 days during the they are relying on the diet for a price of few calories and you have to accept the 3 main meals not be between them any snacks like most health systems.

The proportion of calories allowed at that stage to 1100 up to 1400 calories per day.

As for the second stage will be in four days the rest of the week, here is to add healthy food in between meals mainly, but in the limits of low intake allowed.

Allows zooms to follow the campaign until the desired weight is reached.

الرجيم العسكري

The system of dieting the military

The system of dieting the military in the first three days to determine the daily intake should not exceed about 1400 calories to be:

  • In today’s first

Breakfast is one slice of expansion with a put two tablespoons of peanut butter, and half the fruit of the fruit of the grapefruit, with a cup of instant coffee, or drink a cup of tea without putting sugar this optional add-on.

Lunch depends on one slice of the distribution, with half a tin can of tuna, oil-free, and you can add a cup of coffee or tea masters by choice.

Dinner say to eat about 85 grams of meat, the amount of a cup of green beans, with one fruit from the apples and half the fruit of the banana, the amount of a small cup of vanilla ice cream.

  • The second day

Must not exceed the proportion of calorie intake from 1200 calories to be:

Breakfast consists of a boiled egg with one slice of tension and half the fruit of the banana, choose a cup of coffee or tea gas analyzer.

Lunch is one hard boiled egg with a cup of cottage cheese and add 5 of the chips salty, and can be drinking a cup of instant coffee or a cup of tea gentlemen.

Dinner consists of 2 finger of a hot dog boiled, with the amount of half a cup of carrots and another of broccoli, with half of the fruit of the fruit of the banana, and a half cup of vanilla ice cream.

  • The second day

Must not exceed the ratio of calories to about 1100 calories per day, to be:

  • Breakfast is a frequent one slice of cheddar cheese with 5 chips salty, and the fruit small apples, a cup instant coffee or tea, gentlemen.
  • Lunch is a one egg is prepared in the preferred way depending on the check, with one slice of tension, and one cup of coffee or tea, gentlemen.
  • Dinner is based on cans of tuna, oil-free, as well as half of the fruit of the banana, and one cup of vanilla ice cream.
  • After going through the first three days, you can eat any snacks without any restrictions or rules is allowed, but on condition not to take my calories for the day 1500 kcal per day.

The benefits of follow-jerking military

The jerking military from other systems other food some of the features of them:

  • It depends on the ratio of calories that is used in today’s reality, which helps in getting faster results and is suitable for you, especially people who are looking for a solution for slimming before events nearby.
  • Based on healthy eating, and for which compensation his entitled Food with different, with the integration of delicious desserts with the meals daily so you don’t feel the difficulty to follow the system.
  • I don’t need a long time to follow him, he has only 3 days of discipline and calories allowed with daily meals, and then the rest of the days of the week you can eat whatever you want as long as within your calories.

الرجيم العسكري

Negatives of dieting the military

Not the jerking military positive only, but had certain flaws, including:

  • If you stop to follow, or is not complied with, full of calories allowed may occur a rapid increase in weight again.
  • Does not include eating vegetables in his meals, whether major or light, they are very important for public health.
  • Doesn’t happen a certain system for the rest of Week Four, which leads some people to skip the proportion of calories allowed in a day.

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